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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Amy from The Amazingly Awkward Amy

Hello lovelies. Can you believe it! Only a few more days till Halloween! This party has been a busy one to put together, but so fun! I love seeing all these crafty ladies, come together and create. It is amazing how many crafting chickas are out here in bloggy land. Thank you all for making this Party THE BEST! You guys rock!! I can't say it enough.

Now onto today's guest........

Today we have Amy, from The Amazingly Awkward Amy. Amy was just on Blissful and Domestic a few weeks ago, but is back with a fun Halloween decoration to share. Amy has a fun blog, where she shares tons of refashions and crafts. I love her blog and love her witty sense of humor. She is one fun lady! So without further ado, lets get our craft on with Amy.


Blog Meet Amy

Items needed:
Round container (mine was a oxi clean tube)
1 fake candle
Hot glue gun
Lots and Lots of glue sticks

Glue streams of hot glue down the sides of the entire tube. This creates a melted wax look and will look better and more detailed once the project is finished. Don't be stingy with the glue go crazy add it everywhere!

Cut a hole in the bottom of the tube- this will be the top and the whole is where the candle will go.
Fit the candle snug in the hole (I made holes with a drill) it doesn't have to be perfect because your going to cover it up with hot glue.

Encase the fake light with glue starting at the edge of the light. Continue circling it so the surrounding area is seamless. Add a few streaks of hot glue down this newly formed edge around the entire tube.

Paint. Dry. Paint again.

I chose black but you really could do any fall/Halloween color. Add some glitter if you want to! It took about 5 - 6 smaller sized glue sticks to get my desired end result.

Just like cookies or chips you cant just have one candle. I plan on making a boat load more in all different sizes.

Thanks as always
Yours truly.

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