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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Black Rosette Halloween Wall Plaque

Today I have a fun simple tutorial to share. I don't know if you know this about me, but I love using plates in decorating. I think plates can add so much fun to a home. They can be jazzed up or jazzed down and they can be themed for each holiday. Today I am going to show how to Halloweenify some plates. Oh yes I just made Halloweenify a word. You pronounce it like this Hall-o-ween-i-fy. Look it up. I am just like Gretchen and the word fetch (10 points for whoever can name that movie).
Anywho I found two plastic plates, at Target, for about $1.00 each. They were on clearance. Oh how I love Clearance at Target. We are in love always.
I took my plates and went to the dollar section of Target's scrapbooking section. Another love of mine. I got  a pack of Glitter paper (2 sheets in the pack) for .99 cents and chipboard letters. Also for .99 cents. This worked perfectly for my two plates. 

I traced my plates on the back of my paper. This gave me a better idea of the size of the plate. I am a visual person, but quite lame when it comes to using rulers and measuring. This is my way of measuring. If you are skilled with a ruler, all the more power to you, I am just not in that boat.
I cut my square about 2 inches in from where I had traced my plate.

I hot glued it down and added some rosettes.
This plate I did for Bowdabra 

And this was one for me
Here is how they look in my home. Excuse the crooked pictures and messy coat rack, so not blog worthy. I have no clue what is up with that.
And there you have it. A simple project to help bring a little more Halloween fun into your home. 

Come back later to see how we are decorating this year.

Later Gators!

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