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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Annalisa From The Lung Family

 Today we have Annalisa from The Lung Family blog. She is sharing a super cute Halloween door hanger. I seriously want to make one of these. It is too cute!
I am loving all these tutorials everyone is sharing and Annalisa has a pretty great one for us as well. She kinda rocks!! And after you read the tutorial hop on over to her blog. She loves us all so much she is giving away one of these signs. Let's see if you can beat me over there. I can't wait to enter to win this door sign. it is too cute! So let's get crafting...
Blog Meet Annalisa.

First off let me start by saying thank you to Danielle for having me on her blog today, this countdown is so much fun!!  I blog over at The Lung Family where I talk about my family, my super cute little girl, and I have tutorials and recipes every week.  Come on over when your done with the post and say hi!!

Today I am showing you how to make this super cute Halloween sign, but make sure you read to the end of this post because I have something very exciting happening over at my blog today that you will love and you definitely won't want to miss!

Now onto the tutorial!
You will need:
Glue gun and glue sticks
Cloth Scissors
Black (I used sparkley black), orange and white felt
Wide Ribbon
Glow in the dark puff paint
3 embroidery hoops (mine were 7")
Embroidery floss
Black and white fabric

Figure out font and size you want your letters (I used "comic sans" and 350 pt font for 7" hoops).  Cut out the letters and pin them onto your felt and cut out the felt, take the pins out.

Using a running stitch, stitch around the edge of each letter, I did white around the B and one of the O's and black around the other O.  

Separate the two loops on your embroidery hoop and lay your fabric over the bottom hoop (the one that does not have the clasp at the top). Lay the top hoop down on top of the fabric and push them together. Tighten the top hoop and pull the fabric to make it taut.  Cut the fabric, leaving 3/4 inches around the edge of the hoop.  Glue the fabric to the inside of the hoop, and repeat with the other 2 hoops (I did 1 white and 2 black).

On the first black hoop, glue down the 'B' with the hot glue.  Using the puff paint, put a dot in the middle next to the B and paint seven lines outward going to the edge of the fabric.  Connect the lines with the paint in a slightly arched motion going from one line to the next.  Allow to dry completely.

Glue the 'O' that has the black embroidery floss down to the white hoop.  Print out a picture of a scaredy cat (I found this one on google), place it on the felt and pin it down.  Cut out the cat and glue it to the fabric next to the 'O'.  Use the puff paint to make eyes on the cat.

Glue the final 'O' to the last hoop, and cut out the white felt in the shape of a ghost, glue it next to the O.  Cut out two small circles and one small oval from the black felt and glue it onto the ghost for it's eyes and mouth.  Use your puff paint and trace around the outer edge of the ghost, allow to dry completely.

Cut a three foot piece of ribbon and heat seal the ends to prevent fraying.  Put a line of glue on the bottom edge of the ribbon and fold up a 1/2 inch (looks cleaner).

Glue each of the hoops to the ribbon (I went from top to bottom to ensure I had enough space) on the back edge of the top and bottom edges.  Take the excess ribbon at the top and fold in half, tie it in a knot with a loop at the top.

Make a bow out of 16 inches of ribbon (I was out of the black and white ribbon) and glue it right under the knot (above the hop clasp).

The glow in the dark paint is really cool in the dark, but the camera wouldn't pick it up :(.
Hang it on your door or wall, stand back and gaze at the awesome-ness you just created, pat yourself on the back and go eat some Halloween candy, you deserve it!!

This is another tutorial I did on my blog for a fall themed sign, click the image to take you there.

Okay, now onto the exciting news!  Go over to my blog and follow the instructions to be entered in my giveaway to win the "BOO" sign!!  I told you that you were going to love it!  The giveaway will only be up for a couple days to make sure I have enough time to get it to you!  Go check it out!!

Thank you again to Danielle for featuring me on her blog today!

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