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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{Family Pictures}

Let me tell you how Family Pictures went this year..

I spent all morning making Miss Priss a skirt and me a matching headband

My Sisinlaw made matching vests for her kiddos

washed, cleaned, made my littles as perfect as can be
refused to let them play outside, once they were ready
they had to be perfect for pictures....

Got my hubby out of his grump mood to take pictures....

We drive at least half an hour to take pictures with sisinlaw....

We get to the park and guess what happens...

My Camera DIES.

Yep this is the day it officially DIED. 

I wanted to cry...

I couldn't believe it....

Well Sisinalw says she borrowed a camera, since hers was broken as well..

Begin taking pictures.....
camera's memory is full...

Niether of us have a memory card for it....

ending result....

a handful of semi-decent pictures.....

I guess not everything can be picture/blog worthy...
sometimes life is the Poo....

Here are the pictures we took before everything failed on us......









Hope you get some pictures of your littles today. 
Embrace those working cameras and cherish them:>

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  1. You all look so adorable! I'm so sorry about your camera. :( That's such a bummer! Maybe someday you'll look back at the pictures and it will be a funny story.


  2. Cute pics despite the catastrophe:( It is so frustrating to go to all that work to get ready for pics and then have them not turn out. It seems like here someone is always grumpy and won't cooperate. I shed tears last time we tried to do family pics so this year we haven't even tried... guess I should think about it tho-

  3. Hi!. Thanks SO much for the follow!. Happily following your blog and your gorgeous self back ;). xx


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