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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{Homemade in December} Jules From Bles-id


Today we have our first guest blogger for Homemade in December. This week is going to be full of lovely ladies, sharing amazing decor ideas. Today we have Jules from the lovely Bles-id blog. She is showing us how she decks her abode in her finest Christmas decor. It is seriosuly so cute!!

Blog Meet Jules

Merry Christmas!  It's Jules from bles-id and I am so excited to be here at Blissful and Domestic sharing a Christmas tutorial!
 I love taking my house from fall to Christmas...
This year I'm adding in red, which I stayed away from last year.  Gotta change it up so it's unexpected!
 My favorite thing to decorate for Christmas is the mantle.
 I really layered it up this year.  
 I like using a mix of modern and vintage.  Love these vintage kids books.  They are mine from when I was little... so they really are vintage.  And getting vintager by the day...
 I've only started my decorating, but I think I will glitz it up this year.  Gold and silver mixed together, lots of glitter and shine! But to cut all that sparkle I need some nature.
I haven't gone out and gathered my greenery yet.  I think that's what makes a house Christmas, ya know?  I do have a little tutorial to share with you that involves greens.  
If you'd like to make a sweet little "peace" out of wire and greens {like the one I put on the ladder} read on!

First you need to gather your supplies:
scissors, craft paper, pen, 16 gage wire, floral wire, staple gun, staples, wood to staple to and greenery.
 You need to pick out what word you want to use and write it out in a cursive font or your own handwriting... I used peace in my own writing.  I wrote it on a piece of craft paper, nice and big.  The "p" is about 12 inches high.
 I put the paper on an old fence board since it helps to staple the wire down while you are working.  {I thought stapling into my table might be bad.}
 Using the wire, I traced all the letters out in wire to make the word, stapling into the wood and wrapping the wire around where I needed to.  
 I also used smaller florist wire to keep everything together.  This is not a pretty process. I was sweating and my hands looked like I got in a fight with a cat when I was done.  Maybe we should add gloves and deodorant to the list.
 Here is another look at the staple + wire + floral wire combo.
 When the full word was formed I took out the staples so it was free from the wood.  {Add a regular screwdriver to use as a staple remover to your supplies.}

When I had my wire "peace",  I went out to the yard and scalped my Italian Cypress.  I cut them into manageable pieces and started covering the wire with the greens, securing them with the green floral wire.
 Seriously don't worry if it's bushy.  You will give it a nice haircut at the end.  
 I found that if I wrapped a few stems together it helped the process.
 After it was wrapped I went all Edward Scissorhands on it. I bet you don't think I could find an Edward Scissorhands Christmas quote, do you?  
Wrong, my friend!

 I know it is a little early for Christmas, Edward, but; I have a present for you.
[shows Edward his soon to be human hands]

Speaking of presents, I think this would be a really nice one to give or receive.

From my house to yours, I wish you a very Merry and Peaceful Christmas!



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  1. That's a very cute idea. I don't really work with wire much because of what it does to my hands, but that cute sign makes me want to have my own. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Some great decor and a fabulous little tutorial there from Jules!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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