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Saturday, December 17, 2011

{Family Traditions} Christmas Pictures


Here is another Family Traditions post.
This post originally appeared on Six Sister's Stuff.
Here is our Family Picture Tradition...

Ever year I aspire to have family pictures taken.
I hate the phony bologna pictures taken at studios.
They are so stuffy and so not cute! 
Blah to those kind of pictures!

I like ones outdoors, where my kids can play and we can catch our Kodak Moments, while enjoying time together.

This being said, my Sister and I try to take family
pictures of one another each year.

Doing it together makes it more fun for everyone.

Our Hubbys are not too grumpy about dressing nice for an afternoon...
and the littles are just excited to see their cousins.

We don't have fancy cameras...

We just find a pretty spot we love and start snapping...

Here are some tips for taking pictures with...

a regular camera
regular everyday (non-photo trained) people
and rambunctious littles

When a moment allows....
the Hubs and I always take a snap of ourselves.


Take walking photos...

Start far back...and start walking
Have your photographer AKA sister just snap away as you walk...
You'll be surprised how many of these quick snaps will turn out too cute!


Find a pretty spot and cuddle with those littles...


While Uncle and Niece chat,
ask them to look up and smile...


Always take goofy grin pictures of littles...
Love these ones!


Pictures where your Hubby doesn't smile,
may turn out to be the BEST.


Include your scenery in your pictures.
Pictures don't have to always be closeup. 


Have fun with catching the little things.
Like the shoes we wore that day.

Their shoes won't always be that small.


Snap pictures of the leaves or
a feather your son finds and thinks is cool.


Don't be afraid to go solo on the pictures.
You deserve a portrait as well!


Always be patient when taking pictures of littles.
You don't won't to miss those sweet, quite moments between cousins.


Love your shadows.
and always find cool fences.
I swear they make the best backdrops for pictures.


Take pictures of the landscape.
Remember God's beauty in everything he has given us.


I love pictures of people walking away.
I think their is so much sweetness in a daughter and
father walking hand in hand.


And finally...

Want to know what the best part about taking your own pictures with family?

Leaf fights can break at any moment..
causing GREAT Kodak Moments.


I hope you get a chance to snap a few pictures
of your family this holiday season.

From My family to Yours....

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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  1. LOVE this post, Danielle! I need to be better about taking photos to remember times spent with family...I've always been bad about that!

  2. Cute pictures! Love this! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on Mama's Pumpkin Pie! I hope you give it a try. It is incredibly delicious!

  3. Awww this is such a lovely post, and with such gorgeous pictures!!!
    Thanks for all the tips- they will come in handy

  4. Great thoughts on the picture taking. I agree about those stuffy studio pics. Real life is so much better! Love your photos!!!

  5. Fantastic photos. Love the B&W ones

  6. Oh my! That's the Floyd Lamb State Park! I live in Vegas (: I can't tell you how excited I get when I discover great bloggers in the valley. I had my wedding photos taken there. Subscribed!

  7. Love all of these pictures. I am sure you will cherish them for a really long time! :)


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