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Sunday, December 11, 2011

{Getting to Know You} : Rachel From Family Ever After


Today we are getting to know Rachel from Family Ever after. 
She is another one of my FABULOUS co-hosts!

She is one fancy shamancy lady! 
Love her blog...
love her... 
Let's get to know Rachel....

Hi! I'm Rachel


I am:
Married to the boy I've loved since I was 12. A Mother to 3 delightful children. A former middle school sewing teacher. Currently a clogging teacher. Contemplating my 2nd half marathon. Striving to be organized.


 I first started blogging when my husband was still in school. It was a silly name in French, so I deleted that blog. Last summer, we made a big move, and I restarted my blog with a different name (Family Ever After), and its been such a fun way to connect and share and grow. It motivates me to get things done!


I ♥:
my family.
my friends.
country music.
happy people.
to make stuff.
to clog.
to take pictures. 
dark chocolate.
Shirley Temple.
having 4 sisters.
MAC makeup.
Disney World.

Come Visit Me...

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