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Friday, December 9, 2011

{Homemade in December} Stacie From Three Sweet Peas

Hello ladies and gents! Sorry our guest post is going up a bit late this morning. I was in bed early last night and didn't have time to get this up and LIVE. I am well rested now and ready to roll. Today we have Stacie from Three Sweet Peas


She is sharing such a fun tute with us today. I seriously need to make this! I am in love with it! So lets get our craft on with Stacie and afterwards hop on over to Three Sweet Peas and share some comment love with her.

Blog Meet Stacie

Good Morning Blissful and Domestic FANS!  It is a beautiful winter day!  I am Stacie from The Three Sweet Peas.  Please join me for a trash to treasure transformation.  This REALLY cool ladder has not always been really COOL!  In fact, it used to be someone's junk!  One beautiful fall day I was driving down the road, I found this old ladder in the trash pile of one of my friends.  Knowing its potential, I spoke with her and this treasure soon became mine!  My imagination ran wild, but I knew that I wanted it to be BLUE.  I had seen the many beautiful wax finishes available online and I wanted something similar.  I didn't want to spend the extra money required for the painting supplies.  I soon came up with an inexpensive way to mimic the same EXPENSIVE looks online.  The end result came out BEAUTIFUL and now has a permanent spot in my home.  

I am excited to share this finish with you so you can achieve the same high end finish for a fraction of the cost.  

Let's get busy, first things first, I painted two coats of Martha Stewart's Heavy Cream, while painting I made sure that all of the cracks and holes were covered with paint. I didn't want any of the old wood showing.  I was going for the aged chippy layer look.    

I then added two heavy layers of Kwal Howell's Rushing River.  By the time I was done with the four coats of paint (cream & blue) no wood was showing.  

When the paint had dried the cracks were becoming larger because the paint had dried and expanded them!  SWEET!  I then took my handy, dandy, palm, sander and sanded the entire ladder.  Exposing some parts down to the cream paint and some parts down to the wood.  Just what I was going for!

The next steps are where the magic happened!  I took walnut stain & floor wax and mixed the two together.  The two products are toxic so I would be in a well ventelated area and wear gloves!  I rubbed a thin coat of the mixture onto the ENTIRE ladder.  Thin is the key, the areas that were thick it was extremely hard to buff off! 

 I removed the excess wax with a towel and buffed the entire ladder with the cloth.  The finish was perfection, not only beautiful but so VERY smooth.   

 The transformation was stunning and is my NEW favorite piece.  Add a few accessories and you have an amazing, functional piece of furniture.  

Thanks Danielle for the OPPORTUNITY!  Stop by and visit me at The Three Sweet Peas.

Hope you ENJOY!



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  1. What a great decoration! Love a good recycling project!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Found you through the blog hop and i saw this great tutorial! How nice! Well I just followed you and hope you do the same when you get the chance!


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