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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

General Conference Ideas

General Conference is a great time for the LDS faith as we get to hear from our beloved leaders, speaking to us on inspired subjects. It is two days of uplifting and motivating talks delivered by wonderful Christlike examples. That being said, it is sometimes hard to listen when littles are getting stir crazy. I have been thinking a lot this week, what I could do to help them in listening and feeling the spirit. Here is what I have come up with. Some of these ideas are ones from years past, but they are still favorites for us.

 I made this art box form an old chalk container. I just filled it with things from my craft supplies. I did stickers, chalk, scissors, paper, fun hole punches, and play dough. I had this setting out, for the kids to find in the morning. They couldn't wait to start creating.

This poster collage is an absolute favorite for my littles. They ask about it before each General Conference Session. The idea is that they each get a game piece and it starts in the upper left hand corner, by the choir picture. As Conference goes on, they listen to the talks and when they hear someone mention one of the pictures, whether the person or topic, they can move their game piece forward to that image. The point of the game is to be the first to make it to the big pictures of Christ. I just used old Ensign magazines to make this. I haven't laminated it yet, but I really need too. When they win the game, they get a little treat (candy, cookie,etc).

-We have also used all the pictures of the apostles, to help the kids name them. Once they have recognized all the prophets on the pulpit they get a treat.

-During each Hymn we also let the children run around and get some energy out. They know they can only run during the song, so they do try to go as crazy as possible during those few short minutes.

-I try to go to a park or something during the lunch break, when conference is on. This helps a lot. It gives the kids something fun to look forward to and I think knowing a park break is coming, makes watching all the talks not so unbearable.

-I also try to make sure I have a fun new packet for each session.I found all the links below at

Here is a fun idea for before conference:
General Conference Activity Packet
General Conference Packet 2
General Conference Packet 3 -- this one is full of activities for nursery age kids

Also there are some more packet ideas at Little LDS Ideas

-I also have done a little blog browsing to see what other people are doing. Here is what I have found:

Here is a fun treat idea from Brown Paper Packages. Kierste came up with such a cute idea for rewarding the littles for listening during conference. I just love her blog and am sure you will too!

Aren't her pictures just yummy!

 I really like this conference store idea from A Mama B. I love that this is a great alternative than using candy as a reward :>

I hope this posts doesn't have too many typos, blogger is working very slow for me. I could wait and try tomorrow with this post, but I really want to get it out as soon as possible since conference is only in a few days. So please don't judge me for any craziness that may appear in this post. I hope you all are inspired and have a fun time watching conference with your littles. Happy Wednesday!

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