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Sunday, January 22, 2012

{Getting to Know You Sunday} Cameron from Homemade by Cameron

Hello to all of Danielle's wonderful readers- I'm Cameron, from Homemade by Cameron, where I share a lot of DIY tutorials from sewing to cleaning supplies, stuff I like, and a little bit of personal stuff.

This is me and my family –
an amazing husband and two of the cutest kids ever. 
They are everything I never knew I always wanted, to paraphrase "Fools Rush In".  I love crafting with my kids, and my husband puts up with all the “supplies”
we need to keep ourselves in projects!

The first thing you need to know about me
is that I can’t pick just one thing – not one thing to craft, not one thing to
do as an RN (I have two different nursing jobs right now!), not one type of
product to sell at my shop, not one thing to
study (I’m not going to list my degrees, that’s just silly!) . . . nope, I get
bored easily, so I’m always looking for the next big thing (I recently
contemplated taking a course in HTML)!  Fortunately,
I love the feeling of completing a project, so I do make sure I get stuff done before
I’m off and running to another fun craft.
Anyway, for a long time, I let this inability to focus bother me – I thought,
“Surely, you would be happier and more successful if you could just PICK ONE
THING.”  I thought I was destined to be
alone in my need to (at least try to) create that cute wreath I saw in a
magazine and those darling photo set-ups my friend sent of her kids…and then I
found the blogging world.  Finally, a
place with lots of other people like me!
A place where everyone is sharing all kinds of fun stuff, a place where
you can . . .

be nobody but yourself
- e.e. cummings
This is a snippet from a much longer quote, but I've always liked this part the best . . .it really says it all (though the longer version is pretty inspiring, too).  Be yourself - whoever that person may be. It can take courage to realize that who you
are might not be who you thought you should be, or more likely, who other
people kept telling you to be.  But, I’ve
got it now – I’m being myself and loving it.
Here’s a quick summary of my diverse crafting skills, though I’m always
up for learning something new!

- Pottery – I was introduced to the wheel
back in high school, and it was love at first throw!  I haven’t had my wheel and kiln up and
running since having kids, but one of my goals for 2012 is to make that
happen.  Apparently, that will also
involve some pretty hefty wiring and an auxiliary breaker box . . . ah well, I’ll
leave those details up to the husband – he’s great at that kind of thing!  Unfortunately, this craft does not lend
itself to DIYs – unless you, too, have a wheel and a kiln.
- Sewing – I was a Brownie many years ago and that was the first
time I learned to sew.  Of course, I didn’t
keep those skills up in my teenage years, so after getting married, my dear
friend Skye taught me again, just in time to decorate my new home.  I love the ease of sewing, the ability to
create a purse or apron you see at your favorite store, the joy of giving
something homemade that is still very functional.  I think of sewing as a very kid-friendly
craft because you can so easily leave it (as long as you pick up your scissors
and pins!).  I recently got into writing
patterns, which is way, way, way
harder than sewing.  But, I wanted to
share my designs with all of you, and I can’t do that by telepathy…yet.
- Crochet – Knitting came first, but when I
taught myself to crochet I realized it was much
easier – especially when it came to fixing mistakes.  Crochet is so versatile – you can make a cute
little flower embellishment for a card or a whole blanket!  My yarn stash has really helped me out when
it comes to crafting some of those home décor projects – yarn-wrapped wreath,
- Paper crafting – For a while there I hadn’t
been doing as much of this – but, I got a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas and
now I am ready to start again!  Really,
the Cameo is for so much more than paper, but I haven’t explored all those
possibilities yet (just wait – I will!).
I try to give only homemade cards, and my sister gave me a great idea
which she used this Christmas – giving “thank-you” card sets to newlyweds and
new parents.  I also love creating “fill-in-the-picture”
scrapbooks for people – a book full of layouts all ready for the pictures to be
stuck in.  Now, if only someone would
make a few for me!
Home décor – When I found Follow Me on Pinterest,
I felt like a kid in a toy store – all these ideas right at my fingertips.  Awesome!
I’m usually walking around snapping pictures with my cell phone (or in the
old days, jotting notes on {gasp} paper), so the ability to look through
literally thousands of ideas in one place makes my heart sing.  All those great ideas for jazzing up your
home, and usually for a pretty reasonable price, inspire me to keep up with the
latest and greatest trends.  This could
be why I own nearly 50 lbs. of burlap.

that’s me – more or less!  Sometimes I love sewing, other times I want to make a cool home decor item I saw on Follow Me on Pinterest, and next week I'll be out taking a bunch of pictures of nature.  Come along for the ride – another goal of mine is to reach 100 followers
on my blog by the end of January!

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