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Thursday, January 5, 2012

{Holiday Wrap-Up} Christmas Morning

Alright I am back with two posts this morning. I am blogging about Christmas Morning and New Years Eve. Two more fantastic days spent during Christmas break. We like to keep things simple in the morning on Christmas.

We told the kids not to get up till 7 am. I am sure you are probably thinking "Yeah right!"...Well guess what? It worked my kids didn't wake up till 7! It was crazy!
So the hubbs and I woke up very well rested and not the least bit grumpy when little feet padded into our room announcing it was Christmas morning!


Wonderful goodness awaited them under the tree and of course their stockings and goodies were out on the coffee table.


For stockings we have a tradition of giving their favorite cereal and soda.
This is always so fun. They love having a BIG box of cereal and soda juts for themselves.


Presents were opened and Hello Kitty hugs were given.

Hubby spent some valuable time putting together Lego Star Wars sets.
What a great daddy he is and a super Lego putter togetherer.
(not sure if that is an actual word or not)

 {excuse his deer in the headlights look}

While hubby was hard at work openeing boxes and putting things together

oh and of course undoing those awful twist ties they put in boxes...

Man those things get on my nerves..

 I got to shower up

We hadn't planned to go to my parents as early as we did, but when my 32 year old brother called me begging me to hurry up, since he was ready to open presents...
I couldn't tell him no.

We loaded the kids in the car (still in their Jammie jams and all) and ventured over to my parents...

Where lovely goodness awaited us...


We opened presents and had so much fun!

We shared breakfast and spent the rest of the time talking and playing with all our Christmas goodies.

I am sorry I don't have more pictures. I guess with all the chatting and eating I didn't take anymore pictures. We were having way to much fun!

Anywho that about sums up our Christmas holiday. It was beyond fun!

I am thankful for family and we get to be so close with them.

I love you all!

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