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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oh How I L-O-V-E that man

 Warning: This post is absolutely full of me gushing about my hubby and randomness about him. Thought I'd warn ya:)

Also you will notice sometimes my hair color changes:)

So that man of mine is definitely one of a kind
He definitely deserves a gushing post about him.


I hope that everyone has this much fun being married,
because the past 9 years have been just that F-U-N!

I love that at night he makes me laugh until I cry....
Literally no joke! 


I love that you make such ugly faces, yet still look so good.


I love that you wear shirts saying "My Wife Rocks!"

He is the only person that I know, who can truly make fun of himself and everyone around him, but do it in LOVE. He is totally the LIFE of the party.


I love that we still share those glances. 
Where only we know the secret.

I LOVE that you will spend an hour talking about baby dolls with our daughter and do just the same talking about video games with our son.


I love that you let me tell you all my craft plans, even though I probably sound like the teacher in Charlie Brown to you.....
Waa waa waa waa.


I LOVE that you truly know what sacrifice means and how important our time together is.
Sometimes Hubby comes into the room when I am browsing craft blogs. Sometimes he even gives very insightful input 
(well he thinks it is insightful haha!)

for example let me quote him....
"It's easy being crafty when you have money"

He says us being poor was all in his plan. It challenges my brain to think creatively. Oh boy do I love him. I know he says it in good humor, but it is oh so true. I don't think I would be as creative if I could go to a craft store when ever I wanted. I wouldn't have learned to think outside the box.


I also love that he has been waiting for the day when Blissful and Domestic hits 500 followers. I don't know why, but it seemed like such a big deal to me. I was so excited for the day...
Well today it happened. Hubby was napping in Bubbas room
He says that is the best spot for naps....
his room tends to be warmer than ours during the day.
I yelled "Jason!"
Hubby comes running in, as if something is wrong...
sleepy eyes and all..
I tell him to look at the magic number on my blog..


That sweet man of mine then High fives me and cheers.
I love him so much.
He is the best!
I love our knuckle bump explosions, inside jokes that are almost 10 years old ......I love everything about that man....


It makes me think of Taylor Swift's song "Ours"

I love you Jason and love that this love is ours.
You serious rock and I am always thankful

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  1. You are still "crushin'" on your hubby, that's for sure; and so beautiful to see!

    My hubs and I have had 14 lovely years today, and as my 18 year old daughter (previous marriage) would say, "Sheesh! Will you two GET A ROOM ALREADY". At least she's at the age you could tell her, "don't you wanna go to the movies with your friends today? My treat!" (True story!- but she has a place of her own already, or I'd do it again!)

    God Bless you both (And Dad and Mom),
    Suzanne (Follower in NW IL, but I'm not sure what #)

    Oh and HIGH FIVE on the magic 500 number too :D

  2. I think you've found a keeper! No wonder your blissful and domestic! :D I can feel your love and adoration through your post! LOVE IT !!!!

  3. I love seeing a husband and wife who love each other! =) Keep up the awesome work!
    alesha <3

  4. Definitely a 'love story' - keep it going you two. Congrats on almost 500.

  5. Congrats girl!!! That is awesome!! I am so happy for you!! I agree, I think I am definitely more creative than I would be if I had money.

  6. Great post!! Its so refreshing hearing about a happily married couple. My husband and I are the same way...everyone thinks we are still newlyweds LOL

    I love reading your blog HH6!!

  7. So sweet! Y'all make a really cute couple! :)

  8. You are so cute! I love this post, it made me smile, and made my heart melt. It's so nice to hear about couples in love. You're a lucky lady!
    Crafty Soccer Mom

  9. You're over 500 - congrats!!!!

  10. Awwwww...isn't that the sweetest! I love hearing love stories from married couples :) Thanks for sharing, that was really cute. You are blessed!
    Crafty Soccer Mom

  11. ahhh this made me so happy for you two!!! =) I'm married to the military as well and I am totally with ya on needing to think creatively and have to think outside the box! So glad I found your blog and can totally relate to ya!

    can't wait to

  12. You are such a beautiful woman and you and your hubs look so cute and ahppy togther! I've had fun snooping through your blog this afternoon! I'll be back! Hope that you are having a great Monday!


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