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Thursday, February 16, 2012

{Revamping Your Blog} Blog Loving Series #1

Hello Lovelies! I am so excited for this post today.
A few weeks ago my good bloggy friend M, from The Artsy Girl Connection, asked me to join in a fun series she was starting. I was more than excited. Here on Blissful and Domestic we've been revamping our blogs and here is another way to get those blogs looking fabulous. So let's find out how this blog loving series is going to work.......


Ever wanted to know what your reader’s thought of your blog..? I DO, who doesn’t…? ..

Although we get awesome, creative cute comments and inspirations to tweak things to meet periodic creative goals, at times I often wonder, what else do YOU think..? What would you say I needed to improve upon or change..? What would you like to see more of, or recommend to improve upon YOUR visits here..??? Well, I figured NOW is a great time with the new year in full swing to BE IN THE KNOW and simply COME OUT AND ASK YOU!!!! 


What's Your Take On It..?

I am co-hosting this awesome series 'Blog Loving' with some lovely ladies who will all be joining in to assist with feedback's, successful blog tips on engaging your reader's, tips on maintaining a healthy and effective blog schedule and a great chance to get your reader's personal perspective in helping you mold the best blog space you can for your content, and who it's reaching creatively and as effectively as possible! Want to join in.? Hop along...

** The Lovely Blogs Hosting **

* * *
How The Series Works

1. Enter in your blog to join into the series by responding, leaving your

blog name and displaying the Blog Loving button per your own blog.

2. All blogs entering will be assigned 1 random blog to focus on and creatively review

(We will email you the blog info, you review and email back your assessments of what

you loved the most, what you think could be improved upon, and what you didn’t

like upon your visit or could be changed from a reader’s perspective)

3.. As an incentive to YOUR own reader's to take advantage of the series,

we ask that you blog about it and link back with ONE (or two) blogging

recommendations you would LOVE to see more of, OR not (this also adds to

engaging your reader's. By posting, your reader's can join in the series, and

leave you their feedback on your thoughts pertaining to your blog

and give you their own recommendations!) The List will stay open
for entry for 6days and only one entry per blog is required.

4. You wouldn’t be given any info as to who critiqued your blog. Only US

will know and everything else will remain anonymous and private. Your email

will only contain what was said pertaining to the reviewers
respective and private insights.

5. TO help us all gain awareness and take notes as to what our blog community’s

perspective on things are as a whole, each of us will post a variety of great tips

received from assorted anonymous reviews that could help us all

Maintain the best creative content, reader friendly, easily

 assessable info and functional blog space we can.  

*Helpful Hints To Help Critique*

Upon arrival at a blog, how does the layout suit a reader? Is it easily

User friendly and assessable? , can you navigate and find content

you will like to read more about easily..?

Are there any bandwidth issues causing you to wait long to view the blog?

Is the font easily readable? Are the colors too bright or not?

Is content, posts, photo’s etc engaging..?

(A photo can say a million things in just one view, I know personally that I

am engaged immediately upon seeing a fascinating or great image

 within a post to happily dig in and read more about it)

That’s it… How exciting..! I really look forward to learning and picking up

great blogging tips and more from ALL of us together…

{Please be sure your to connect your email account

and or leave your email address in your comment!}

To enter your blog name and 
join in the fun Click HERE

For more Revamping your Blog Tips, Click HERE.

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