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Saturday, February 18, 2012

{Revamping Your Blog} Tab Section Part 2


So first off I didn't realize how much a would like writting these revamp your blog posts. They're time consuming, but I love hearing all the you guys are doing with them. It is seriously so awesome! So I am glad these can be of use. Keep sending me e-mails telling me things you want to learn. If I know how to do it I will let you know. Thursday you learned about advertisers, today we are going to go back to the TAB section I talked about a while ago. You can find part 1 HERE. Today we are moving onto part 2. Sorry it took me so long to write this one up. No excuse, just needed to find the time.

So lets revamp that tab section.....

First things first....Have you all noticed cute tabs on peoples blogs?
Usually they are in cute fonts and such.
Well let me tell you how they do that...
Oh and this is how I did the tabs under my header.

It is simple....I swear.....

upload a blank page of digital scrapbook paper to
You can google a white scrapbook page or go to a digital scrap-booking site like
They have great FREE downloads there. I use them a lot when doing my buttons and banners.
Their stuff is too cute!
Now that you have a blank slate you can type out what you want your tabs to say.
This can be done in Photobuckets editing mode.

I type out a bunch. Some I use, some I don't. I use brackets a lot.
Just love those little things.
They're too cute!


Now comes the even simplier part, just a bit time consuming.


You are going to start cropping and creating new pics from this one original picture.



Every time you crop a word you will SAVE A COPY

This is important. If you accidentally replace the original,
just re-upload another original into your Photobucket account.


Once you have cropped all your words
you can start adding them to your blog.

Go into the design section of your blog.


Add a html gadget
Copy and paste the html codes from photobucket into your gadget.




Click on each picture and link it to whatever page you want it to be Before I started, I opened up every single page I wanted linked in my new tab section. I just copy and pasted these addresses into my gadget. Use the link button in the gadget.
Remember it looks like two links together

Move all your pictures so they are side by side


At first your gadget will go to your sidebar.
Just move it to the top under the header.

Does this makes sense? I hope I am explaining it right.
Let me know if I need to clarify.

Once you have finished all this you should have a very cute looking tab section.
Let me know if you have any more questions or if something needs to be clarified. I also need to thank Amanda from The Little Giggler. She is the lovely lady who originally showed me how to do this.

See having great bloggy friends is awesome. 
You can teach each other the different tricks to having a cute blog.

Anywho I hope this helps and look forward to more revamping your blog.
I think next week we will make blog buttons.
I had a request for that.

Also let me know what else you are curious about on my blog or someone else's.
Hopefully I can help.
Thanks always for your sweetness.
You guys rock!

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Remember I am a Mom & Wife
not a Graphic Designer.
I never pretend to be one 
These are just the things I do to make my blog cute.
Why buy it when you can do it yourself? That is always my motto
And perfect for my theme of a Homemade Year.

Thankyou GLEE soundtrack for keeping me going at 1:00 am
so I can work on blogging posts. Best music EVER!

Oh and here's a video.
My favorite GLEE song right now.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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