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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Re-cap

Today was full of goodness. I am nursing a cold right now, but man this day was good.
I woke up to find out I had a froggy voice. One where I was so croaky my children had no clue what had happened to their mother. My poor Hubby must have thought something awful had happened. What had happened to his poor sick wife you feel asleep the night before. She must have been replaced by some greasy hair, croaky voice monster. That is literally how I felt this morning. After about an hour or so my voice got back to semi-normal and I was no longer scaring littles (or the husband) with my raspy voice. I will say though that the Hubbs got quite a kick out of asking me to repeat myself this morning, just so he could hear the scary voice. Always glad to give him a laugh.

Anyways I got to sit on the couch and watch loads of movies with the littles.
Cinderella, Kicking and Screaing, and marathons of How it was Made were watched today.
Have I mentioned I love Netflix's for those marathons of shows we do.
Yep it pretty much rocks my socks!

Then a  HUGE nap was instore. Hubby rigged the door so no redheads could enter. Naps during the day for me are unheard of in my house. I usually am to busy or when I do fall asleep I am suddenly awaken to a certain red headed child asking me what I am doing. I guess Mommy laying in bed, buddled, with eyes close was not a clue big enough for her. ..........Oh well. Hubby convinved her the door was locked and that I needed my sleep. Man I love that creative, devious mind of his.

Then of course that football game had to be watched. Bubba has BIG plans of being a football player some day. Scriptures were read, books read, and the Miss was put to bed.

Now I am watcing  Johnny Test with my Bubba.

and awaiting for Donwton Abbey to come on. One more hour.
Hubby and I watch and entranced by this show every week. LOVE it way too much!

and we are going to enjoy some awesome homemade bread and jam.
A sweet friend brought some over tonight.

I think it is always amazing how God knows exactly what we need and when we need it.
He has given me a sweet new friend in my ward and I am so thankful.

I am thankful for this day.
This day when I could have felt very full on yuck, but after a shower and some rest I am feeling much better. I am thankful for good friends, who give you just what you need. A sweet hug and a sweet word really can change your day.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday.....

See you tomorrow...
I have some great posts instore for this week!

Can't wait!

Oh and P.S.
I am totally not spell checking this.
It is what it is...
so no judging and goodnight to you.....

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