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Saturday, February 4, 2012

{Valentine's Day Countdown Party} DIY Valentine's Day Wreath from Crafting With My Cubs

Today we have Alex from Crafting with my Cubs.  She is one crafty Mama and has such a fun tutorial for us today. I am excited to have her as part of our Countdown to Valentine's Day Party.

Blog Meet Alex
Hi Blissful and Domestic readers! I'm excited to be guest posting today. I'm Alex from Crafting with my Cubs. I'm mom to two fun little boys who are 2 years old and 3 months. On my blog I share crafts, recipes, and healthy living tips. I also enjoy thrifting, DIY home projects, and sewing, although I'm no expert at any of these. Today I'm sharing my Dollar Store Valentine's Day Wreath. (Oh, I also LOVE the dollar store)

You'll need:
A wreath form or foam tubing from hardware store
craft glue and hot glue
tulle, table scatter, heart picks or any other hearts to decorate

So I'm sure most of you have seen this tip, but I'll share just in case some of you haven't. For a super cheap wreath form head to the plumbing department in your hardware store and pick up a 6ft foam tube for about $0.97. Cut it to the desired length and duck tape the ends together. Depending on how big you make your wreaths you can get 2-3 from one 6ft tube!

Then you'll start wrapping your wreath in yarn. This takes a while so put a movie on while you do it. I just ran a line of tacky craft glue along the backside of the wreath and it held great.

Next we'll do the decorations. I grabbed some tulle circles from the dollar store not knowing what I was going to do with them. So experimenting I cut one in a spiral starting from the outside working in.

It'll turn out something like this...

Then I ran a basting stitch along one edge

and finally I pulled the stitch to gather it into a little pompom type thing and tied it off so it wouldn't come apart.

Now just glue. Figure out a cute arrangement and hot glue your decorations onto the wreath. The large red hearts were floral picks that I pulled the sticks out of.

And there you have a very inexpensive and cute Valentine's wreath! In total I think mine cost $4 since I already had some stuff on hand.

Wanna know another little trick? I duct taped the ribbon on top of the door to hang it on the door. :D tricky tricky

Don't forget to come back later today for more fun!
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