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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cutting Your Groceries in Half: Freezing Your Milk

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Alright Lovelies! It is question and answer time. In response to my Cutting Your Groceries in Half Post. I got pretty much the same two questions, so I thought they deserved a post. The two questions I was asked was what I did about fresh fruits and veggies and what I did about milk.

Let's address the milk question first. I have a freezer chest, which is in my kitchen. It is pretty dang big and holds our whole month of food, plus some. I usually buy 8 to 9 gallons of milk for the month. These milks I either buy at Smith's or Costco. It really juts depends on who is cheaper that particular shopping day. I put two gallons in my fridge and the rest goes into my freezer chest.

Freeze your milk and save money - Blissful and Domestic -

This is how we are able to have fresh milk all month long. It takes about a day for milk to unfreeze, so when we notice our milk in the fridge is running low, Hubby or I take one out of the freezer. I also do this with heavy whipping cream, half and half, and buttermilk. They all thaw out very well, just as if you just bought them from the store.

Now onto the fresh fruits and veggies questions. We do have fresh fruits and veggies all month long. We typically eat our grapes, bananas, berries, avocados, lettuce, and tomatoes in the beginning of the month.
When berries go on sale in the summer I buy them in bulk and freeze for later use in smoothies and such. Great way to save money and have berries last a whole lot longer.  Fruits like apples and oranges can last all month long and are still fresh until the end of the month. This is also the same for most veggies like celery and carrots. Now I do freeze my green onions, white onions, and, green peppers for use in cooking throughout the month. This keeps them fresh and ready to add to all my favorite recipes.
I also use frozen veggies and freeze my own veggies as well. I save all left over veggies for use in crock-pot recipes and stuff.

I also use canned fruit to supplement as well.

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So there you have it. That is how we have milk and veggies all month long. I hope that answered your questions. Let me know if there are anymore. Thanks lovelies. Have a great day!

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