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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{Date Night on the Cheap}

Today I am going to show you how we do date night on the cheap. So first off the Hubbs and I don't do dates every week.We do spend quality time together every night either talking, playing a game, or watching Netflix. I look forward to this every night. It is OUR time and we love it. Every so often we venture out of the house on a real date. This is hard sometimes. We will only have family watch our children, so that can be hard making schedules work and such. That being said my Sisinlaw and I thought of a great idea. They found a sweet Grandma (sisinlaws Mom) to watch their kids and they came over to our house, once my kids were asleep. We each fixed up some yummy snacks and played games till way too late. This was a very cheap date. I literally only spent maybe $10. That was only because the Hubby and I made a candy run earlier in the day for the date. Twizzlers, Reeses, and soda were a must for the date. At least the Hubbs thought so, and I don't turn down cream soda. It is my favorite! Had we used what was on hand in the cupboards, it would have been way cheaper, but I am ok with the candy run for a date very once in a while. Alone time with my Hubby is always fun!

Here are the few pictures I took from our date.




Sorry we were having way too much fun for me to be snapping away with the Kodak Moments.
We played Settlers of Catann and Blocus.


Anyways if you have a fun date night idea and want to share it, let me know.
I would love to have you as a guest!

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  1. What a great night! :)

  2. We have game night once a week, after the kids go to bed. It's so much fun! We used to have some great friends living next door with an awesome baby monitor that worked all the way over at our house--so they didn't even need a babysitter. :) Now we have a few other friends with no kids (yet) who come over every week. It's a great tradition!

  3. LOL Jason cracks me up!! Um I think we need to have a date nigh with you four and Becky and Charles. That would seriously be fun too!


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