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Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Countdown : The True Meaning of Easte

Alright folks this post is from last year, but we are starting it again today and I thought I would share. I believe we can teach our children in simple, non costly ways. I want my children to know about their Savior and why we celebrate Easter. Here is how we do it in the W household.
Starting today I am doing a 13 day countdown to Easter. I have readings and activities planned for each day. I thought I would share them here first, just in case anyone else wanted to join in on the fun.

We will be using the Gospel Art Kit, as well as The Story of Easter by Gwen Ellis. I will also read a few of our Easter books found on our Book List.

Day 1: Jesus Borrows a Donkey Luke 19:28-35.
We will color this picture of a donkey.