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Monday, April 9, 2012

Freezing Those Chocolate Bunnies-- a Helpful Tip


Has anyone else's counter been taken over by these little guys?  I know ours has. My children literally got 4 HUGE bunnies from family over the weekend. Not to mention the baskets full of candy from Nana and Papa, Uncle Phil, and GG Grandma. Oh and Mom and Dad got them some goodiess also. My counter looked like a candy store this morning. I knew that little eyes would get very big, if this counter did not get under control real fast. So what did I do you might ask? Froze the chocolate. You can freeze chocolate and it last so much longer. Also there is no thawing time. Just bust it out when you are having a cocoa craving. So Now those hallow chocolate bunnies are chillin out in the freezer. My counter is clearer and we will have candy for months. LITERALLY. Just wanted to share, just in case anyone else is experiencing this dilemma.

I only froze hallow bunnies. I don't know how the filled ones would do.
If you try it let me know!

Oh and hope you had a fabulous Bunny day!

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with a sewing tutorial.
 Feels like forever since I have shared one of those

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