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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Guest Tutorial: Ruby From Ruby Murrrays Musings

I am so very excited for our guest today. We have a crocheter! Can you believe it! I am so not savy when it comes to yarn, so I was tickled pink when Ruby, from Ruby Murrrays Musings, asked to share a fun blanket tutorial. I know I have quite a few knitters and crocheters, so this one is for you.

Lets get crafty, with the ever fabulous Ruby.....

Blog Meet Ruby

Hi I'm so excited to be featured, I'm Ruby at Ruby Murrays Musings , I'm a thrifty Brit that loves all things Vintage, cheap, cheerful and handmade, my real love is refashioning hideous hand-me-down garments into cute outfits but I also dabble in Crochet, Embroidery, Cross Stitch and even some true Brit Cooking.
So here it is my first Crochet Blanket Pattern making a faux Houndstooth Blanket measuring 40 x 46 inches.
The pattern comes from a pretty cool stitch called Spike Stitch, the principle thing to remember with spike stitch is that your initial Chain must be a multiple of 4, then add 1. Get to grips with that rule and you can make any size you like.

Note: All terminology given in US terms, for my UK peeps a Single Crochet in US terms is the same as Double Crochet.

Hook: 6mm (I)

Yarn requirements: 2 x 454g(1 lb ball) of Red Heart Super Saver or any Worsted Weight Yarn In Main Colour (MC) and Contrast Colour (CC)
Edging requires extra, a small Red Heart Super Saver Yarn ball in Main colour or any Worsted Weight Yarn (7oz/198g; 364yd/333m) is perfect to finish this off.
Foundation: In Main colour (MC) Chain 101
Row 1: Single Crochet (Sc) in to 3rd chain (Ch) from hook, sc to end, ch 1 turn.
Rows 2 - 5: Sc across to end, Ch 1 turn
Row 6: Sc across to end, Fasten off, Change to Contrast Colour (CC)
Row 7: This is where you have fun and make the zigzag pattern Ch 1 (counts as first Sc) 1 sc into stitch (st) 2 rows below, 1sc into st 3 rows below, 1sc into st 4 rows below, repeat this to end of row, Ch 1 turn.
Note: The design you make is dependent on the length of your stitches in this row, i.e. you can change this up and sc into e.g 2 st below, 4 st below then 3 st below, as long as you repeat the same pattern it will work.
Rows 8 - 10: Work 3 rows of Sc in CC.
Repeat rows 7 to 10 alternating between the Main Colour and contrast colour, always completing 4 rows of each colour in total (this includes the spiky fun row)
For your blanket to reach 40 x 46 inches you should have 50 'stripes' of colour. Want it longer? then just keep going. Fasten off when you're happy with the length.
Edging: With Main Colour, Join in a corner with slip stitch (sl) then sc ch1 sc, Sc into each stitch around repeating the sc, ch1 sc for each corner. When you get back round to the first stitch join with a sl st to first sc then ch 1 (counts as first st) and repeat the sc edging 3 more times or until happy with the size of the border. Fasten off.
Last step: Take two paces back and admire your blanket then thank yours truly xoxo
If you do make one I'd love to see, send me a pic at

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  1. Thank you so much for feauturing me, also loving your Blog series, lots of great info I need to pimp my blog :)

    Just off to grab a button for my featured on page x


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