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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Marilynn from The Artsy Girl Connection

 Hello Lovelies! I am so excited for you to meet my bloggy BFF Marilynn, or as I like to call her M. We have been bloggy friends for quite while now and love to team up to create bloggy goodness. This summer M is one of my fabulous co-hosts for the Summer Fun Party and today she is sharing a fabulous tutorial for you. Are you ready?

Blog Meet Marilynn

Hello Lovely Friends 
I am truly honored to have a moment to spend here and join you for the day.
As part of the ROCKING party the ever so talented Danielle put together for 
the summer, I am joining you as a guest via our Summer Fun Party
Few Fun Little Bits About Me.. 
I'm Marilyn Via The ArtsyGirl Connection...

I found this awesome creative snack time recipe via Fatmumslim (I absolutely adore her!)
a few weeks ago and thought it'll be a great idea to incorporate into our summer snack 
times and get the kids to be a bit adventurous with tomatoes! (They HATE it!)!!! 
It's easy, light and very festive... And not to mention 
<< Sail Away With Me ~ Summer Snack Treats >>
Ingredients Needed
1 box of cherry tomatoes(or per how 
many needed for your lil munchkins awaiting!)
1 cucumber..............1 slice of white bread
1 Can of tuna in oil (Drain away the oil)
2 tbs of soft cream cheese

Hollow Out Some Tomatoes..Rinse Out Seeds!
Slice Some Cucumbers Into Flat Rounds and Layer 
The Tomatoes (Your Boats On Top) ~ Try To Flatten / Balance.
Stuffing Your Tomatoes
Carefully Mix Tuna, Cream Cheese (feel free to substitute the cream cheese 
for mayo!), A Bit Of Salt And Pepper Very Well Until Meshed Together.
(I tried it again with lil slices of onions in the tuna and it was even better!) Stuff 
your mixture into each one of your cut out tomatoes carefully and balance.
Slice Up Some Bread Into Triangles...*Your Sails*
Insert A Tooth Pick Into Bread To Stand Sails Up And Prop Into Your 
Tomatoes. You Can Alternate With Slices Of Cheese On Top Of Your Tomatoes
For The Non-Bread Lovers As A Fun Option.. I Added Some Cheese To The 
Bottom Of The Tomatoes On A Few As Well For My Cheese Loving Lil Loves!
You can realy put so much more into this treat to personalize and make it just more fun 
than it already is for YOU.. Serve to your lil ones and watch them sail away with smiles.. 
Fun, Simple & Refreshingly Yummy For The Season...

Hope you enjoyed my little time here with you lovelies today!
Hope you can stop in sometimes.. I can be found via my blog link,
TwitterGoogle+RSS LinkedIn Facebook
and also on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter & my pin'inspirational
Thursday creative party every week.. Hope you can join in the fun!
I can't express enough thank you.. Loving our summer party and excited
to have a chance to splurge all summer long with YOU.. Wishing you all
and amazingly fun, safe and THRILLING summer...Ciao!

Absolutely fabulous right? Totally has me hungry for lunch now.
So go ahead and whip up some goodness with your littles today and
come back later for the Feature Friday Linky Party.

Have a Fantastic Day Lovelies!

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  1. What a great idea, and one my kids can actually do with a bit of help. They would love this. Must pin!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this! Very cool and what kid wouldn't love this?! Sounds so yummy too! By the way; I'm your newest follower! Love your blog! Can't wait to read more :o)

  3. these images are perfect,thank you for sharing!

  4. I really enjoyed the idea you offer to your visitors for this blog.Thanks for sharing .I love this.And I will have a try.

  5. I just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas! I’m learning a lot from you!

  6. I really really love this post. I wanted to say thanks to you for this great read!!Here I learned a lot, then I will pay more attention to you.


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