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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to School: Save on College Text Books with College Book Renter


Back to School prep continues all across America. One more week lovelies and then all littles on this end of the USA will be back to full time learning. For those of us not going into grammar school, I have a great post for you. Who just gets all kinds of stupid excited when you have to buy college text books? I know right.... me either. Hubby has to purchase text books every single semester. Oh my how that dreaded book list is met with much distain, on our part. I mean seriously you pay for classes and then are told you have to purchase a book as well. What the heck! Most of the time you have to buy up to 4 books and they are never cheap. Please tell me I am not the only woman out their frustarted. I know a bunch of my readers are busy working ladies, who are going to school as well. This post is for you!

Last week I received an e-mail in my in-box. Someone must have heard my frustrated cries at the text book bill this semester. Samantha, from College Book Renter, told me all about a great place she works for. She told me that "Our research indicates that a great portion of our customers are non-traditional college students. Many are stay at home moms that have decided they are ready to re-enter the workforce, or people that have been laid off and need to go back to school so they can get the education they need to qualify for a new job. What I love the most about our company is that our mission and focus is really helping all kinds of college students reduce the costs of post-secondary education so they can focus on their coursework and not have the stress of managing students loans or credit card debt." I thought this was pretty dang awesome. Now we already purchased hubby's book for this semester, so we can't take advantage of this deal, but I couldn't deprive you from the savings.

You can save 5% on rentals of $50 or more, by using code Fall512
You can also save 10% on rentals of $130 or more using coupon code BND10

I wanted to make sure I got these codes out here quick, so you all can snag your college books for a great price. The process is easy peasy. Just go to their site, type in the book you are looking for, and purchase. See simple as pie. 

I hope everyone is having an easy time, as we all prepare for back to school. No matter where we are at or what age we are, lets save as we prepare to learn and grow this coming season.

Have a great day Lovelies!

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