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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Blissful Exchange: Makeup

Photobucket   The Blissful Exchange is an exchange of ideas, and thoughts. It is not a debate, but a way to share. Each week I ask you all a question. Then it is your turn. In the comment section we can start a forum. A way to discuss different ideas, recipes, tips, and tricks. You can truly get to know all the readers of Blissful and Domestic this way. I know that many of us are in similar seasons of life. Our days are busy. They are full of children, laundry, chores, hugs, kisses, boogers, jobs, cooking, cleaning, and everything else that goes along with mommyhood and just being a woman. Let's inspire one another, since that is what Blissful and Domestic is all about.

This week's topic was inspired by an e-mail I got from one of you lovely readers.......

"I am officially addicted to your blog, it's proving to be a huge help
for me. I am 21 years old, and new to living out on my own and I am
trying my best to budget every penny that I have coming in, and living
within my means. But there is one thing that I am completely addicted
to... Makeup! I have finally managed to ween myself off of name
brands, and totally do it all in drugstore brands. Still, it adds up
and if I run out of a product I justify buying a product as an
emergency (See? Addicted! lol) and it really messes up my budget.
$8.00 per product adds up a bit too fast. So my question to you is..
What brand of makeup do you use? When you shop for it do you use
coupons? Do you only buy some if it's on sale? Do you set aside a
little bit of money for a makeup budget each month? Any tips you have
will be great!"
So what do you think can we help this chicka out? I want to know what you all do to save on beauty products. I will put my answer in the comment section.

So lets get started.....
Also you can still add your two cents to other 
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