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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Blissful Exchange: Makeup

Photobucket   The Blissful Exchange is an exchange of ideas, and thoughts. It is not a debate, but a way to share. Each week I ask you all a question. Then it is your turn. In the comment section we can start a forum. A way to discuss different ideas, recipes, tips, and tricks. You can truly get to know all the readers of Blissful and Domestic this way. I know that many of us are in similar seasons of life. Our days are busy. They are full of children, laundry, chores, hugs, kisses, boogers, jobs, cooking, cleaning, and everything else that goes along with mommyhood and just being a woman. Let's inspire one another, since that is what Blissful and Domestic is all about.

This week's topic was inspired by an e-mail I got from one of you lovely readers.......

"I am officially addicted to your blog, it's proving to be a huge help
for me. I am 21 years old, and new to living out on my own and I am
trying my best to budget every penny that I have coming in, and living
within my means. But there is one thing that I am completely addicted
to... Makeup! I have finally managed to ween myself off of name
brands, and totally do it all in drugstore brands. Still, it adds up
and if I run out of a product I justify buying a product as an
emergency (See? Addicted! lol) and it really messes up my budget.
$8.00 per product adds up a bit too fast. So my question to you is..
What brand of makeup do you use? When you shop for it do you use
coupons? Do you only buy some if it's on sale? Do you set aside a
little bit of money for a makeup budget each month? Any tips you have
will be great!"
So what do you think can we help this chicka out? I want to know what you all do to save on beauty products. I will put my answer in the comment section.

So lets get started.....
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  1. A while back I used to be crazy about makeup. I spent way to much on it. I have always been a sucker for eye makeup. Well when we had to budget, because my hubby was out of a job, things had to change. I knew there were other things that my "makeup money" needed to be spent on. I toned down my makeup. I actually rarely wear foundation, which has helped my skin a ton. I usually do eye liner, mascara, blush, and chapstick. These are all items I can fit in my budget. I do have foundation I wear on special occasions. I use cover Girl or Maybelline brands. I do look for sales. We budget $20 a month for toiletries. That includes shampoo, makeup, deodorant, etc. I just make it work. I also do not buy the "new" stuff that comes out. Usually these are splurge items and I almost always end up going back to my fav. makeup items. I also dye my own hair, which saves a ton! This is how I save on Makeup:>

  2. I also dye my own hair. I failed home beauty school a lot before I finally got it! A couple of days ago someone asked who does my color because they liked it so much so I must be doing ok. I really like a good foundation. I will usually wait until the department stores have a special bonus day. You know where you can buy $25 and get lots of products in a cute make up bag to go with it? I never splurge on lipstick or eyeshadow because I figure they are pretty generic, kinda like shampoo. If you don't buy all of your makeup at one time, it is usually not costly. Plus makeup lasts a while. My foundation usually lasts about six months. I, on the other hand, have a total purse addiction! Way more costly! lol!

    p.s. I just found your blog yesterday and I totally love it!

  3. Hi, My name is Lois, and I am also a makeup addict! I ued to spend a ton of money on makeup and a lot of it would sit in my vanity drawer and I would never use it. I ended up buying a Unii Pallette(they are a bit pricey, around 25$) but it keeps all of my eyeshadows in ONE pallette, so I can mix eyeshadows, and I always know what I have becuase its all in one place. I started to make mental note of the products I was using and the ones I wasn't- like I love lipgloss, but won't wear lipstick. So now I don't buy lipstick. I started couponing a few years ago and that has helped with my spending, especially on makeup and toiletries. I have also discovered that less expensive brands are just as good as the more expensive (like Rimmel- they have great eyeshadows). I buy a lot of my makeup on clearance at CVS or Target. Its even better if you have a coupon to use with a sale or clearance. And fnally, I use Pinterest to find new ways to do my makeup. There are some awesome tutorials on how to do eyeshadow in lots of different ways and color combos. Combining my eyeshadow colors in different ways makes what I have seem fresher, even if I didn't buy anything new!

  4. I budget for everything down to the penny....Dave Ramsey lover, BUT this is one area I do splurge! I am almost 45 years old and have had skin problems on and off all my life. I am a firm believer in good products. And those are Clinique for me. I ONLY buy their foundation and loose powder though.(and the 3 step skin cleaning...A MUST!)And I NEVER allow them to con me into the bonus days purchases!Everything else I wear is drugstore, Walmart or Target makeup. And because I am SO frugal otherwise these drugstore prodcuts will last me forever. Being a stay at home mom I do not wear makeup everyday. I stick with one color eyeshadow, liner, mascara and lipstick. All my makeup last a good 6 months to a year on some things....I don't listen to the "you should throw stuff away after so many months" either. If I am the only person using it, it is fine.
    BTW Danielle, I have not been on your blog in forever. Sorry! I loved this makeup talk! I'll try to check in more often! Hope your family is doing well. Love, Tasha

  5. First, I just want to say that you were made to be beautiful without makeup! At 21 there's not much to coverup so just use some mascara blush and lip stick/gloss and you're out the door. That should mean less spending.

  6. I have sensitive skin, so I use Clinique. My foundation and mascara usually last 6 months, my eyeshadow, blush, and powder usually lasts a year or so. I also use their 3 step skin care program. I usually buy my makeup 2 times a year, when they have their bonus time. I buy what I need in the basics then (something from the 3 step, foundation, or powder). Usually the gift will have lipstick, an eyeshadow, mascara, blush, etc. (things that I like to call the "extra"). Most of the "extra" things will go with most skin tones, and sometimes they have a choice of 2 that you can choose from. I rarely have to buy "extra" stuff. I've only bought eyeshadow once, and it was on special, a pallet of 12 colors for $30 dollars. I got that for Christmas 2010 and am still using it! I've only bought lip liner once (I was buying walmart lip liner, but this lasts so much longer). I've never bought lipstick. Occasionally I will have to make a 3rd trip to the Clinique counter in the year. But most years it's only twice. I usually spend about $100-$120 a year on make up and skin care, but with my sensitive skin, it's totally worth and when you break that down into how much I'd spend monthly, that's only about $10 a month. Love your blog!!! :-) PS. I ask my mom for makeup for Christmas too. ;-)

  7. There is an online make store called elf! So cheap, my sister swears by it! Every month I get cover girl coupons in my paper so I usually save them for when I see a sale bogo at Walgreens or similar store!

  8. I too have recently become addicted to you blog! So awesome. I'm a stay at home mom to a sweet 11 month old boy and your blog has helped me out so much! Thanks :)
    I don't wear makeup at home. Period. I feel it's a waste of money, and my hubby prefers me to not wear it. I also don't wear foundation because it's better for your skin, and a lot cheaper. I wear a little concealer (what girl doesn't need a little) and eyeliner and mascara. I have eye shadows but always buy a cheap one (probably every six months) and just stick to that one color, or none at all. I have more of a problem buying nail polish. I might be slightly addicted to it. Haha. I guess I need to start budgeting for my nail polish, or start using up the 50+ bottles I already have.

  9. Yep, check out E.L.F. cosmetics, most products are only a buck and really much worth more.. their blush is one of my faves, and their prices range from $1-$5 in most places like Target (bullseye boutique) and KMart. And cutting back on how much make you use helps too.. less is more and the less you use of something, the more makeup you have to use. Also try some DIY projects. Pinterest has a ton of DIY tinted lip balms, and eye makeup remover which is EXPENSIVE for no reason lol with products you already have in home probably. This has been working for me, and hubby seems to think the same!

    Danielle, as much as I visit your site, I can't believe this is the first time i've actually commented! you're site is like my bible for home, kiddies, and saving money. THANKS a BILLION! :)

  10. I really like elf too and they sell it at Target now! I don't use their foundation because I just haven't found one that matched my skin tone but I do use their blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc. I use NYC lip gloss (found at Walmart) because it is so similar to a Bath & Body Works lip gloss that I used to pay $10 a tube for (they don't carry it anymore anyway though :)

  11. There's a blog out there called 'Nouveau Cheap' and the blogger tends to focus on reviewing drugstore brands. She has awesome links for beauty clearance (Ulta, Target, etc.) and she and her readers also offer coupons or alert to drugstore sales. I've found this extremely helpful. And of course, Walmart has great deals on makeup and nail polish (my weakness :).

  12. I don't have any advice. I've just recently realized I'd like to pay MORE attention/money to make-up...I've kind of "let go" this year, and its time to look my best again! My hubby likes that.

    I'm just going to check in for everyone else's tips. I loved Clinique as a girl. I like the person's advice who said they get the expensive stuff but the cost spread over a year comes to about the same. That's probably true...I'm always getting cheap stuff that I don't end up liking so then I have nothing :(.

  13. I don't wear a lot of make up because I suck at the application, but I used to watch this vlog where she did a weekly flyer / coupon breakdown at places like CVS, Walgreens and Rite-aid. She tells you how to coupon and use Store points to get things. I can't remember her username but there are a ton of similar ones on YouTube. Also, I think finding what works for you and kind of sticking within that guideline would help cut down on excess spending on products that are 'cute' or hot at the moment but you never really use.

  14. i was just going to say ELF!!! seriously i was a make up snob with the best of them. but we started budgeting and i realized i didn't want to "waste" all that money on makeup when i could get it cheaper and possibly eat out more (I do not like to cook i do it strictly out of necessity, lol!) anyways i was out and had a few bucks of grocery money leftover and decided to look at the stores makeup isle. everything was waaayyyy too much except elf. i thot what the heck, if i dont like it, it's two bucks and i can use it until payday (abt 1.5 wks away). that was almost a year ago and as i run out of something i replace it with elf. seriously some really great stuff!

  15. I love makeup and used to always spend a ton of money buying new products for fun. But now I'm married with a baby on the way and living off my husband's salary, so I'm on a budget! I've learned to try to stick to the products that I know work instead of trying new thing all the time. I never stray from Covergirl Lash Blast mascara ($6-7 at Walmart). For eyeliner I just buy whatever is cheap and it lasts me forever. I also sometimes use the liquid liner pen from Elf for $1, and it works great. I also use Elf's bronzer/blush duo for $3, and Maybelline eyebrow pencils that come in a pack of 2 for just a few dollars. I don't always use foundation, I'll go in phases and I haven't really found one I love, so that is an occasional splurge. My last foundation was free though, my sister bought it and got the wrong color, so now it's mine! It's Neutrogena Skin-Clearing foundation, I really like it and it's around $10 a bottle normally.

    And I've dyed my own hair at home since I was 12 years old! Sometime in my teens I found Clairol Nice n' Easy, and I haven't strayed since. My hair is naturally blonde, but I use the dye to lighten it. I don't even stick to the same color always, I just use one of the three lightest shades that is either a neutral or ash tone. Works great; people have always asked me who does my hair, even my friend who is a professional hair-stylist!

  16. ELF is fantastic brand! Super cheap, plus their website almost ALWAYS has sales, free shipping, etc. Plus it's also found at Target. Another gem in the makeup world- DOLLAR TREE! I have found some Covergirl mascara there, also the LA color pallets are fantastic and they seem to always carry those. Plus they have nail polishes, and other makeup tools. NYC is also a drugstore brand that has GREAT loose powder, and their mascara is fantastic for dirt cheap.

    I love this blog! :)

  17. I am an Avon addict & I'm not afraid to admit it! :-) BUT, I can't afford it all the time on our budget, so, I started selling it. I don't make anything on it, but I break even in product I buy, which means OUR budget actually doesn't include makeup, & I still have all of my nifty stuff to try & feel pretty!

  18. I do not mind buying cheap clothes, but when it comes to makeup I really do invest. As a teenager and in my early twenties I had terrible skin problems. In that moment my family was really on a budget (growing up in Eastern Europe :)). Very quickly I figgured out that putting on 3 dollar foundation will mean three new spots tommorow. So if I had money I would buy a good one, use it till it's gone and if I don't have the money I would not wear anything. It is not a picece of clothes that you can throw away when it fades away, it is your face and if you do something wrong scars stay forever.
    Nowdays I use Clinique, but only 3 articles: mascara, concealer and powder. I buy them twice a year and here in Germany it makes about 100 euros (120 dollars) a year. While I used to live in the U.S. I used Neutrogena, they are great and more affordable than Clinique. Speaking about Nailpolish I use the cheap ones (nails can grow :)), and for the lips, Labello lip balm looks great and costs 1 euro.

  19. I have been using Mary Kay for years! It is not the cheapest, but it is the BEST quality for the price. I like it because you have to order it, so whim purchases aren't as easy to do. I would like to switch to something paraben and petroleum free, so I'm working on that one! Not cheap!

  20. I use Avon's "little sister" company, Mark. It's a quality yet budget-friendly brand since its target market is teens/twenty-somethings. It's an on-trend brand that has great quality makeup (and accessories) for reasonable prices. I started selling it 6 years ago since I loved the product so I could get it cheaper! And like Yocum1219, it's not something I make a huge profit from, but it's a great way to get high quality for a good price!

  21. I am also a huge fan of ELF products. I've used it for about 5 years now & although my skin has.changed a bit due to hormones from having my last 2.babies, I've found that their mineral line is fantastic & still reasonably priced & I don't need to wear alot. I use the mineral tinted moisturizer with a dab of water to give a more even application, then layer with concealer & mineral powder. I've found that the quality of makeup for the price is far better than cheap junk from the drugstore & I don't have to wait around for the right coupon or waste my money on trying out something I may not like & be stuck with. If you're worried about your skin use the money you are saving on makeup & use a good natural cleanser like Burts Bees & don't skimp on washing twice a day &.your face will thank you!!!

  22. Out of all the makeup brands/products I've tried (been in love with/addicted to make up from about age 12!), I definitely have favorites for certain things and other stuff tends to not really matter to me. My skin is combination and I've broken out with every kind of foundation that I've tried, except for Bare Minerals. I know there are less expensive brands out there for mineral makeup, but I've tried them and have broken out from others. Bare Minerals is my only "high end" product I refuse to change. One larger pot of minerals ($25 for the larger size) will last me more than 18 months. I think that because I buy it so rarely, it's an economical choice for my budget. I tried Revlon Colorstay and at $12+ per 1 oz bottle (that would only last 1-2 months) it wasn't worth the acne or price. When it comes to eye makeup, I love all kinds of brands. Physician's Formula makes fabulous mechanical pencil liners that don't smudge on me (plus, with CVS you can usually get some pretty great ExtraBuck offers!); Wet'n'Wild has AWESOME eyeshadows, blushes, and nail polishes; I LOVE LOVE LOVE L'Oreal Voluminous mascara; CoverGirl has some fabulous eyeshadows as well (I love their singles, especially when I find a matte one that's really pigmented!).

    All in all, I'm only picky when it comes to my foundation due to my skin problems. Other than that, I like to try different things. I love to shop CVS because of the ExtraBuck system and I go so rarely (and only when I can score some SERIOUS deals!) that I don't end up blowing my budget. Cosmetics and Skincare are two areas that I don't purposely skimp on, nor do I purposely go overboard on. I buy what I need, when I need it or I wait for an amazing sale to stock up on tried and true products for my skin.

  23. Sell MaryKay! If you love name brand make-up then this is the way to go. Get 20 friends to try out the products, and they'll be hooked too (and you can choose if you want to give them a discount or not...sometimes I did sometimes I didn't). Not only do you make a little extra money, but you have money to purchase the best makeup on earth!

    I no longer wear makeup and feel completely comfortable in my on skin, but minimal makeup is another fairly inexpensive way to go: foundation/powder and mascara.

  24. Maybe I am not the best one to share on this, but I guess I save money by not wearing makeup. Although the cost is not the main reason for me (It does help though) I have some really nice, healthy make up that I simply don't use. I don't find it necessary. It takes too much time to put on and take off, time that could be better spent elsewhere. And my husband actually prefers me without makeup. From what I have heard this is not unusual, most guys I have talked to or heard about actually prefer the natural look of no makeup. SO that is my suggestion, go without, or use less. Sorry if that is not helpful.

  25. I always wait for the CVS beauty sale, happens twice a year. I stock up on coupons and always check the magic coupon machine at the front of the store. Between the sale prices of 50-75% off and the coupons, I get a ton of stuff for free or under $1.00.

  26. I have very sensitive skin and most things make my skin dry, red, and itchy. Or give me cold sores :( I have found Neutrogina works really well for concealer/foundation/blush/bronzer. Also they have $2.00 off coupons in Redplum and Smartsaver all the time. I always buy them on sale at Target (cheapest) or when I have an Ulta coupon to combine it with and it is on sale there. Also Ulta eyeliner/eyeshadow isn't too bad and can be cheap when they have buy one get one sales. The only thing I do splurge on is Clinique unscented lip gloss becaue it is the only one that doesn't make me break out. Good luck!


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