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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Blissful Exchange: Side Dishes


So that cute hubby of mine has done it again. I have no clue how he taps into the woman brain, but he does. I swear. He came up with the idea of a discussion forum for Blissful and Domestic. He thought it would be a great way for Women and Moms to talk, encourage, and inspire one another. He gets it and I love that! Because of his idea, The Blissful Exchange was formed. Here is what you will see in this new segment on B and D. The Blissful Exchange is just that, an exchange of ideas, and thoughts. It is not a debate, but a way to share. Each week I will ask you all a question. Then it is your turn. In the comment section we can start a forum. A way to discuss different ideas, recipes, tips, and tricks. You can truly get to know all the readers of Blissful and Domestic this way. I know that many of us are in similar seasons of life. Our days are busy. They are full of children, laundry, chores, hugs, kisses, boogers, jobs, cooking, cleaning, and everything else that goes along with mommyhood and just being a woman. Let's inspire one another, since that is what Blissful and Domestic is all about.


This week I am asking a question, which one of my sweet blogging friends asked me recently. Michelle sent me an e-mail wanting to know what type of side dishes I used and how many I offered at a meal. Well I knew what I did, but I was pretty curious what others may do with dinner.

So lets get started.....

When it comes to side dishes I always have a fruit or veggie and then some sort of starch. The starch can be rice, pasta, potatoes, or rolls. I try to keep it simple, but well rounded and colorful.

So now I ask you. What do you do when it comes to meals. What side dishes, how many, what do you pair up? If you have some favorite recipes share them, link them, whatever you wish. I am excited to see how you do side dishes. Everyone can comment and respond to one another in the comment section below. I will be joining in as well. insert my squeal of delight. Can't wait!

Thanks so much lovelies and lets get this Blissful Exchange off and running.

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