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Friday, September 7, 2012

Dating on a Budget: 10 Thirfty Dating Ideas

hey i'm brielle! i blog over at mr. d & me and am so so excited to be a contributor over here for blissful and domestic! isn't danielle just brilliant? there is so much i need to learn from her! anyway, i'm a newly married college student, trying to make the best of being a little fish in the big pond that is utah valley university.  mr. d & i enjoy feeding the local ducks, watching way too much how i met your mother, and studying our little bums of. {okay, maybe we don't enjoy that last part too much.}  our little blog land is full of things like our weddingalmost becoming parents, and even that one time when our apartment building caught on fire. life's a party, so stop on by! i'm excited to be able to share parts of our life over here at blissful and domestic as well.

mr. d & i love nothing more than having a good time. sure, we work hard, but we also play hard. our absolute favorite way to play is together, of course, and what better way to do that than in the form of a date? today i would love to share with you some of our favorite date ideas. we don't always have a ton of money to spend, or even much time, but we are always sure to fit one date night in every week.  after all... the couple that plays together, stays together!

1.  karaoke night! we have tried to make this a weekly occurrence.  even if you don't get up and sing, there is guaranteed to be awesome entertainment & most places do a deal on food, such as 1/2 off appetizers or free drinks.

2.  star gazing! what could be more romantic than you & your significant other surrounded by nothing but blankets & stars?  we love driving to the nearby mountains, cuddling up in the grass and just getting lost in the beauty of the heavens.

3.  volunteer! some of my favorite times with my husband have been spent helping the less fortunate.  it really helps you see a different side of your significant other & appreciate what you have even more! head to the local homeless shelter, food bank, or animal shelter and get serving!

4. test-drive cars! it may seem crazy, especially if you're not looking to buy a car, but you would be surprised at how much fun you can have scoping out the fanciest cars and being able to take them for a quick drive.  we might do this more than I'd like to admit.

5.  game night! whip out the scrabble, battleship, and monopoly and spend an evening in.  make your favorite snacks, put on your comfy clothes, and enjoy having a low-key date with the one you love. plus, a little competition never hurt anyone!

6.  picnic! my personal favorite, it's perfect for fall when the leaves are changing! pack some sandwiches, a Frisbee, and sparkling cider and get lost in the mountains or a local park.  it's one of the simplest dates we do, but there's something about it that makes it seem almost magical.

7.  hot air balloon! we have actually never done this, but it's on my dream-date list.  there are companies in nearly every state that will take you on a one or two hour ride in a hot air balloon, complete with fancy drinks!  it is definitely worth looking in to for a birthday or anniversary. you know i will.

8.  homemade drive-in movie! let out your inner child & design yourselves some cool cars out cardboard boxes, then "drive" on over to your living room, park your cars & watch an old movie.  hey, you can even kiss in the boring parts! (:

9.  work-out! grab a basketball, head to the pool, or lace up your running shoes and get your exercise on!  it's always nice to have someone to work out with, especially if you can have fun while you're doing it!

10.  bicycle built for two! rent a tandem bike from your local cycling shop & spend an afternoon cruising the back roads on a bicycle built for two! if that's not romance, i don't know what is!

i hope these cheap-but-effective date ideas have got your wheels turning for your next date night! have any ideas to add to the list? i'd love to hear about them!


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