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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Frugal Fashion: Fall Fashion Must Haves

Hey all you B and D folks,
 I'm Nikki from the blog Fashions on the Fly. I am so excited to be a monthly contributor to Danielle's amazing blog. I was so tickled when she asked me to join in the fun here!

Quick introduction word/sentence cloud
Married to the Hubs | Almost 7 Years of marriage | Nurse | ICU | Love Photography | Love Fashion | | Dog-Boomer | Love Boating | Utah my whole life | Adventurous |

Well that will do for now, you will get to know me as the months go on.

My job on B and D is to share something of fashion or beauty...and most of my words will be fashion, but don't worry I'll throw a little bit of beauty in here every once in a while. If there is something you'd like to see please email me {} or Danielle. With that done...ON with the show!!

Since it's now the beginning of September, I thought I'd share my Fall Must Haves. I know you all probably think that I'm crazy for jumping to fall, but here in Utah the leaves are starting to change and kids are heading back to school...those things speak fall to me!

Here are my must haves.

| Pants-F21 | Thermal- Free People | Sweater-Khols | Boots-Famous Footwear | Necklace-F21 | 
| Purse-Coach |

Sweater-You can't start fall without a nice warm cozy sweater. I love just snuggling up on the couch in a sweater, blanket, and some hot chocolate!
Boots-This is my main go-to for fall. Brown boots, black boots, gray boots, heels, flats, wedges...I want all of them! 
Thermals-Since I'm always freezing, I wear thermals at least once a week. My favorite ones are those that Free People makes. They are thick and have fun little details. 

| Pants-F21 | Sweater-F21 | Jacket-I think UrbanWear | Socks-Free People | Boots-Jeffrey Campbell |
 | Necklace-F21 |

Socks-Now not just any socks, but long socks you can wear sticking out of your boots. These make for a fun addition to any outfit. I really like my gray socks, I feel they go with everything.

 Skinny pants-Skinny pants aren't just for fall, but for every season. I just feel they are 
 necessary in order to tuck them in your boots.

Military Style Jacket-The military style is huge for this fall and I love it. I went to an Army/Navy store and tried to buy some camo pants...but none of them fit me :( I'm currently looking for a army green vest so if you see one let me know!

| Skirt-Gap | Shirt-Downeast | Jacket-UrbanWear | Tights-UO | Shoes-Dolce Vita | Beanie-gift |

Colored Tights-I LOVE LOVE colored tights! They make any skirt or Sunday outfit come to life! I especially love these ones from Urban Outfitters because they are thick which helps out with the snow we get here.

Leather Jacket-These are a must for Fall, but then again from what I'm seeing trending for this Fall is anything leather is in.

Beanie-Yep Fall/Winter head wear!

There you go, my Fall Must Haves! I hope you liked my list and I'm always looking for suggestions for the next post, email me! Don't forget to come visit me over at Fashions on the Fly.


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