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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lace Lust: Tin Can Decor

Hello lovely friends..
I'm Marilyn Via The ArtsyGirl Connection
It's really awesome to get to share with you today.. I am SUPER 
thrilled to be a new contributor here via Blissful and Domestic! I absolutely
adore the brilliant and oh so talented Danielle and it's a priviledge to get
to share and contribute my crafts and more with her lovely readers!
I am a bit knee deep into crafting for fall and happy to share one of my
lovely projects here with you today.. It's a lil lace lust affair I'm having that's
inspired this bitty lil fun decor, and I hope you catch a bit of the lace fever as well..
So much to do with lace.. I am very inspired lately and have been pinning away..
A Lil Lace Lust 
...........Tin Can Decor
Lil Lovely 
Items Needed
Krylon Paint Of Choice (Flat)
Tin Cans
Lace Fabric 
& a bit of crafting magic or a smile! 
*Spray paint your tin can evenly (I used two coats)

*Once your can is sprayed and dried, cut out a piece of lace fabric
to fit accordingly (it doesn't have to fit like mine, I've seen 
some halfway ones that are really pretty as well :) 

*Lay out the fabric and lightly spray it over with your paint.
(I sprayed carefully as to leave little hints of whites all around)
Let it air dry for about twenty minutes.

Once dry, fit it on your tin can and secure the closing ends 
with dabs of glue to stay securely in place. 

Allow to sit for about 30minutes and it's ready for use!!
Place some fun floral flowers in your can and tadaaaa! 
A little Pretty lace love 
to last a lifetime!!

Beautiful, vintage and oh SO shabby!

Thanks So much for having me here today, super excited to share with you
every month and get to know you all.. I appreciate You Danielle and thanks again
for this wonderful opportunity.. Until next time, hope you all get to visit me
sometime via The ArtsyGirl Connection. I host a fun Pin'Inspirational
linky party every Thursday and hope you can join in the fun as well..
You can connect with me per these lovely links.
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..............With Lots Of Artsy Love... xoxoxoxoxox


  1. very pretty! And looks so simple.
    Hope you can check out my giveaway currently going on my blog. **Win a Gift Card**

  2. These are very pretty and clever.


  3. Thank you SO much Cynthia & Nelle.. D, thanks so much for sharing ;)) LOVING being a contributor here.. it's AMAZING to stay bloggy bff and inspired by you.. Wishing you a beautiful evening.. xoxo

  4. As much as I love other blogs, Danielle, I come here to read what YOU have to say. If I wanted to read another blogger, I would go to their blog. YOU are the person I come here for, because you are amazing!!! I wish it could just be you again. I know life gets busy and it's easy to have contributors, but you are what makes this blog special. I have stopped reading other blogs because I saw less and less of the original writer, which is what got me there in the first place. I hope you take this into consideration.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I truly appreciate it. Don't worry I am still here, working on posts for all of you. I never want to lose my voice on this blog. I love my contributors and am thankful to have them, but I will still always be the main voice on this blog. Don't worry about that. Thanks again for your sweet comment:>

  5. I am loving anything lace! This is such a cute idea! I love how it is staged too.


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  7. A little bit of lace adds a lot of pretty to anything. :)


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