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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Menu Plan Printable with Little Corbin Hill

Hi there! I’m Kristin from Little Corbin Hill!

I am so excited to be guest posting here at Blissful and Domestic so many thanks to Danielle! This is my first time guest posting so I’m definitely winging it =)

A few random things about me:
I was born and raised in Florida! I’m a full-time library worker, mommy, wife, crafter, and now squeezing in blogging time. I love to craft and I love to read. I have a crazy fondness for unrealistic sci-fi movies like Sharktopus and Mega Pirahna. Yes, I know, my husband says the same thing, lol. We’re buying our first house and I am beyond excited about my many projects I have planned and… I’ve never eaten beets.

So come on over and see my many musings! I’d love to have ya and maybe inspire you to watch some crazy made-for-tv movie, cook what your husband thinks is a gourmet meal but only took 20 minutes (thank you Pinterest!), or get your glue gun on and craft! So now for a tutorial! Well, a goody for the awesome B&D readers =)

We’ve started writing our menu out every weekend of what we want to do for supper each night. It has made it somewhat easier, since we get home about 6:30 and there’s no, “What do you wanna do for supper?” spiel…well, actually we still do that, lol, because we always lose the menu traveling from the store back home. Anywho, my husband and I have found that it has cut down on our grocery bill as well. Works for us =) So here’s what I came up with for our hungry home!
weekly menu printable preview 
Of course, I only need one menu but I got on a roll and now I want to try a couple of other colors too =)

Anywho, here’s a selection for y’all lovely readers!
Just click on the picture to download!
chevron weekly menu printable
herringbone weekly menu printable
quatrefoil weekly menu printable
I hope you all enjoy =) And for more of my printables, go here!

Sneak peaks:
Sunshine sign preview
And many other sewing and refashions!

Thanks so much and come visit me at Little Corbin Hill!


  1. Love it. Thanks! Glad to "meet" you :).


  2. Thanks so much for having me, Danielle! =)

    1. Absolutely. I was excited to share the printable you made. It is too cute!

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  4. Great first guest post, Kristin! And I love the printable you made. I'm menu planning RIGHT NOW, so I'll have to try your method out. -Lauren

  5. I Love this sign. The one song I always sang to my lil ones till they told me to stop lol.


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