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Friday, September 14, 2012

Morning Job Chart for the Littles

Hello!  I'm Lorie from Reading Confetti and I'm so excited to be a contributor here at Blissful and Domestic.  I blog about children's crafts and activities related to books.  I am a reading specialist turned SAHM to a two year old and a four year old who has just started preschool this week!

To help us get into a good morning routine, we made a chore chart in the shape of a sun.  I loved this project because my preschooler helped with all of it and I found everything I needed around the house:

paper plate
yellow paint
orange and yellow scrapbook paper

We started by painting the paper plate yellow.  
Once it was dry, my four year old drew a face on it.

We decided what jobs need to be done every morning, before we can leave for school.  We wrote each job on a triangle of orange paper.  Since my son isn't reading yet, we also included a small clip art picture of the activity.  We glued the triangles to the clothespins.

We hung it on the refrigerator where he can easily reach.  As he completes each job, he can attach the clothespins to the sun until we're ready to go.  (I didn't like how it looked with only 5 sun rays so I also added some plain yellows.)

I'm sure your list will be a little different (does everybody have to force their son to take a potty break?)  Or if you struggle more with nighttime duties, you could make a moon with stars around it.

If you liked this craft, you might also like our counting octopus.

Hope your school year is off to a great start and that we see you at Reading Confetti!


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  1. My son is also 4 and we had tried a chart but forgot lots of times to "pay him 5 cents each" for his chores. I like this better!

    1. It's nice because once it's made, they can do it themselves without adding more work for you. :)

  2. Love, love, love this project can't wait to make this with my 4year old son. Am also gonna make a night time one

    1. So glad you can use the idea. Hope it makes things go more smoothly in the morning and at bedtime!

  3. me and a fellow mommy are going to make these with our preschoolers tonight...can't wait. I was wondering where you got the little cute pictures of the jobs?

  4. They are just clip art pictures from Word. So glad you are trying them out!


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