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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Blissful Home With Ansley

Welcome to My Blissful Home! A new series featuring homes from around the blogging community. These crafty bloggers are going to show us how they decorate their thrifty, crafty homes. Today we have Ansley, taking us on a tour of how she has made her home a Blissful one.

Let the Tour Begin....


Hey y'all! ;) I'm Ansley from Vivaciously Vintage. I'm completely honored to have my blissful home featured on B and D. So let's get right to are a few of my favorite rooms in our home.
Let's begin with our eat-in kitchen. It's not a chef's kitchen by any means, but it's a matter of working with what we have and incorporating thrifty changes for big impact. I painted the walls a light blue and stenciled the wall on the right. The stencil wraps around the wall, continuing into the office (which needs a lot more work). I semi-restored a new to me table, and I also revamped that blue buffet that I picked up for only $6! I've tossed around the idea of painting the cabinets white, but I don't think that would look good with our black appliances.
I have made pretty significant changes in the living room, and I have been saving its debut for B and D! Here is what it looked like during the first transformation.
The main thing that changed is the furniture. Hubba Hubba didn't like the couch I originally chose (or those fabulous, what do they know??). He was begging for a sectional, and once I figured out how to make it work in our space, I relented. So, here it is after reorienting the entire space.
I actually like it better now. That couch is more comfy, and the room seems much more spacious. Who knew a sectional could be so stylish! The pillows are reversible - one side has buttons and the other side has tufts!
Check out that peacock side table and the layered frame art! I'm in love with our guest bathroom! It's also kiddo's bathroom, but I convinced him to let me have the ruffled shower curtain if I did cool stripes. Seems fair to me! :) Almost everything in this bathroom was a DIY project, something that I got from Goodwill, or an item that I already had elsewhere in the home...wait - pretty much our entire home is like that!
I love our guest room almost as much as the bathroom! It was inspired by the guest room from the 2009 HGTV Dream Home. I redid every single piece of furniture in that room myself! That iron bed belonged to Hubba Hubba when he was little, I gave it a facelift and now it's awesome.
Lastly, I'll show you kiddo's room - also showing it's mini makeover debut on B and D. It's another inspired by the HGTV 2009 Dream Home. I've done a little rearranging that I haven't shown on my blog yet! Click here to see the befores.
I moved the bed and got him a secretary desk (that's awaiting a makeover - maybe). I like this arrangement much better. I was worried that the bunk beds would be too...much in the center of the room, but turns out they look fabulous! They dominate the room...but in a good way!
There's much, much, much more to do in our home - lots of rooms that haven't even been touched! It might not be perfect, it's constantly "under construction", frequently messy, but it's our blissful home...and we ♥ it! To see the rest of our home that isn't pretty enough to be featured, click here! Hope you enjoyed my blissful home, and thank you, Danielle, for having me! :)   Y'all come back now, ya hear!


  1. I love your house. I have been wanting to do the layered frames in my livingroom for awhile. I have the frames, just need to paint them the colors I want. You are way more crafty then me, but Im working on it lol

    1. Check out my how to post about it. It's linked above near the picture. It was crazy easy. :)

  2. You have created a wonderful home for your family. I agree that a sectional sometimes makes things seem more open. I have a long way to go before mine looks as nice as yours. I feel inspired to keep going.

  3. Love everything you have done in your house. Absolutely gorgeous and so inviting. I think your kitchen cabinets would look awesome white. Maybe you could paint a simple stencil on them jn black to pull it all together.

  4. Love all the rooms in your home! Everything is gorgeous..wish I had half of your creativity! Great job!

  5. Your house is beautiful! Love that shower curtain. Did you make that yourself? I would love to see a tutorial on it. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

    1. Thank you! Sewing is one thing I have little patience for; I think my sewing machine hates me! I actually found it on Amazon for only like $20! ...can't remember if this is the exact one I have (I don't remember mine having color choices), but here's a link:{keyword}&gclid=COf8j5bhn7ICFYaDQgodRB4AGg

  6. just took the tour of your home on b and d. it's wonderful and even looks better in person. i'm so glad i was able to come for a visit. i loved staying in your lovely guest rm. i've told you before that i love jeremy's iron bed. i also really like the sectional which surprised me. it does look great in the rm. i'm so proud of you and love my creative daughter with all my heart. love,mom

  7. Beautiful home. I love the frames for art. I, also, would like to know what you used for the chair rail stripe in the boys room. It looks like diamond plate.


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