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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Candy Corn Necklaces

 Hi there Blissful and Domestic readers!  
It's Jill again from Create.Craft.Love!  Last month I shared my Pottery Barn Clothespin Chandelier. Today, I am sharing a quick and easy Halloween tutorial for making Candy Corn Necklaces! 
candy corn necklace
Remember as a kid, when you would get those candy necklaces?  Personally, I thought they tasted gross.  With all the candy corn tutorials floating around the Web, I did my own take on this candy store classic.
Warning:  You will get sticky.  So don't touch your DSLR camera with your sticky candy corn nubbins.  AND you will get a stomach ache from eating all the broken pieces.  =)
Here's what you need:
Bag of candy corn
 Needle and thread
(Cute child model - optional)
candy corn necklace
Begin by measuring your little one's head.  {I have ever mentioned that Reed has an exceptionally large cranium.}
Once measured, thread your needle.  I chose the tiniest needle I could out of my craft needle kit (the cross stitching one).
Carefully impale the candy morsel and pull the thread through the hole.  
candy corn necklace
Repeat this step about 30 times.  {I didn't make it a complete circle of candy corn because it was getting pretty heavy.}
candy corn necklace
candy corn necklace
Tie a knot at the end!
So easy and quick!  The whole project took me about 15 minutes!  
These would be great for a child's Halloween party or an extra special Mommy treat on Halloween!
candy corn necklace

candy corn necklace
This Candy Corn Necklace is just one of the many Halloween creations you'll find at Create.Craft.Love!
halloween candy bowl

halloween wreath
And the Handmade Halloween Costume Contest and Party linky goes live on October 13!  Get your costumes ready!  We would love to have you!
costume contest
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