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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Frugal Fashion: 3 Ways to Wear Plaid

Hey B and D buddies! I'm back for a monthly fashion tip. First off I'd like to say thank you for the comments and the emails I've received from the last post I did here, I love actually talking to readers. It makes a big difference to the blogger, plus it gives me an idea of what I should post for the next time. With that said, this post is more geared to the lovely moms with a budget and after each outfit picture I have included options that are all under $40. 

On with the post, Plaid in 3 different ways. Why did I choose plaid? Plaid is great for fall and I'm all about fall. So here it is.

| Skirt-H&M | Shirt-Kohls | Belt-F21 | Socks-Target | Shoes-Forever Young Shoes | Watch-Walmart | Bracelet-Target |

This my friends is my 'plaid to work' outfit! It is in my mind fun yet a classic outfit and it makes me wish I worked in an office. Nah, just kidding I'll stick with nursing haha

These are some affordable options for this outfit. 
| Skirt | Shirt | Belt | Socks | Shoes 1 & 2 | Watch

| Leggings-Walmart | Shirt-Kohls | Cardi-Target | Socks-Target | Boots-Forever Young Shoes |

Lazy day plaid, and it's my favorite! I love leggings, they are the best thing to lounge around the house, then add the comfy plaid shirt and cozy cardigan and to me that's heaven!

| Pants-Target | Shirt-Kohls | Sweater-Eddie Bauer | Shoes-Famous Footwear | Watch-Walmart | Pin-gift |

And last but not least the everyday plaid. I love that this outfit could be worn anywhere, the movies, shopping, and for those fun dates with the hubby. 
| Pants | Shirt | Sweater | Shoes | Watch | Pin |

There you have it. Thanks so much for joining me here
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