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Monday, October 1, 2012

Gardening on a Budget

Hello Blissful and Domestic readers.  I'm Kelly and I blog over at Here Comes the Sun.  I'm very excited to be a contributor on Danielle's fabulous blog!

Here Comes the Sun

If you need an idea on how to do home decor on a budget, I've got it.  If you need some crafts for the little ones in your life, I've got that too.  Need a new recipe?  Yep, it's all on the blog.  

Today I am going to share a budget saving gardening tip with you.  As summer turns to Fall, I am planning on filling my front porch pots with colorful mums within the the next few weeks but I am sad to see my summer flowers go.  I've had my geraniums in a pot on my porch since May and  they lasted all summer much to my surprise.  Did you know that geraniums are perennial?  You do?  Well, I did not.  That is, until I found an article about how to store geraniums over winter.  It is so easy and I am going to show you how.

storing geraniums for winter

This is what my geranium plant looked like last week. Sad, I know.  But look at those pretty pink flowers that are still blooming :)  

geranium plant before pruning

Sorry little buds, I've got to make room for my Fall flowers.  So I cut those blooms off and put them in a pretty vase for my daughter's room.

I gently removed the entire plant, including all the soil from the pot.  

Shake the soil of of the roots

Wrap the roots in newspaper and store in a cool, dark place.  I have mine in the garage.

Soak the roots once a month until Spring.

Hopefully next year, my geraniums will be just as beautiful as they were this year and I will have saved some money on flowers.  I usually go way overbudget on flowers in the Spring!

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