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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Hosting Holiday Visitors With the Perfect Guest room

 Hi there lovelies! Fall is approaching, and in most areas of the states, is in full swing. The holidays are beginning and with that brings visitors. Whether your visitors are staying a night or longer, I am sure you are all looking for ways to spruce up and make your home an inviting place for guests. Today I have a guest post from Amber Sanchez via
 She is sharing a few frugal tips on how to make your guest room perfect for holiday visitors.

When you have guests coming for the holidays, you want them to feel welcome and at home. This holiday, set up your guest room to be warm and festive to give your guests a magical experience you're sure to get a thank-you card for, and do it without breaking the bank.

Festive Bedding

To capture some holiday spirit, do the bed with festive blankets and pillows. Some of the seasonal bedding collections at are fun, festive, wintery and reasonably priced while still being elegant and stylish. Use a bed set that you would use in any room of the house, don't make it too busy. You don't want it to look like Santa Claus threw up on the bed. To save on costs, look at some of the bed sets you already have and see if you can mix and match to create a wintery feel in the room. You can also check out your local thrift stores. They usually wait to put out seasonal stuff, which means you can find great bedding and decor for a stellar price! Colors like dark green, cranberry, silver, gold and white can be combined to look festive. Sticking with some winter colors with holiday themes will help your guests relax.

Sitting Area

Every guest room should have a place for your visitors to sit and relax. No matter how big the room is, you can arrange a sitting area as a nice touch they are sure to notice and appreciate. Using holiday decorative pillows or a throw will make the area inviting. You can design and assemble your own holiday pillows for cheap by visiting a craft store and picking up some materials and supplies. Your guests will appreciate a private lounging area to unwind in the evening or have a morning cup of coffee. You don't have to use an all-new furniture set, either. Use pieces from your living room that you don't use as often or get some comfy chairs from a second-hand store. When in doubt, remember that comfort usually trumps style.

Enough Pillows and Blankets

Every person sleeps differently and has different comfort levels. Keep this in mind when supplying your guest room. Put plenty of pillows on the bed of different sizes and firmness so they can choose the one that is most comfortable to them. Even if your house feels warm enough to you, your guest might require extra blankets or a space heater during these cold winter months. Keep some spare blankets and place for a space heater or fan in the room, so they can adjust to their preferred sleeping environment. You can find standing fans at places like Walmart or Sam's Club for a decent price. Having blankets and fans for your guests, if they feel too hot or cold, can save you from high heating bills and hassle if you're trying to adjust the temperature to be perfect their entire visit.




When decorating your guest room for the holidays, don't go overboard. You want your guests to feel festive while they are away from home, but too much can be distracting and keep them from feeling restful. Instead of decorating the guest room to look like a red and green Christmas museum, decorate in deep red or a dark purple and accent with gold and silver. Give the room a wintery feel without being too holiday-themed so you can have visitors stay all season long and save on decorations. Another tip if you have a lot of guests that come to visit throughout the year is to use neutral colors and use winter accents, that way you can easily change the room's theme as the seasons change without having to buy new things every couple of months.


If your guests are family or close friends, think about what they like or any special needs they have. Taking that extra step to accommodate them will show them how happy you are to have them and the effort you put in. Place pictures or memories you have with them in the room as an extra touch. Decorating with personal items is thoughtful and saves your money. Lastly, don't be afraid to ask your guests what they need from you before they come. Clear communication about what is expected of your guests and you as a host will ensure their visit to be smooth and enjoyable this holiday season.

Amber Sanchez Amber is a freelance blogger who writes about travel, especially to Europe. Her first trip was a backpack and train adventure through Vienna, Prague and Budapest right out of college. She visits a new city every summer.

Thanks Ana! Those are some marvellous tips. I always try to remember that I do not need to go out and spend a bundle. By adding a few homey touches here and there, I can create a welcoming atmosphere for my family and friends. I am excited for this time of year. It is my favorite! I hope your all enjoying this fall season as well. Have a wonderful day lovelies.

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  1. Beautiful rooms! Thanks for sharing the tips!

  2. These rooms not just looks great, they appear like paradises. I’m pretty impressed by the Festive Bedding.


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