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Monday, November 12, 2012

Butternut Squash Soup

My name is Leanna Davis from In the Middle of Me, I am a late 20 something who is married to the most amazing man in the world (a man who looks like he could be related to the Duck Dynasty people, but who happens to be a pastor). I am a stay at home homeschooling mom of 4 wildly wonderful boys! They are ages 6, 4, 2 and recently turned 1. Our journey as a family causes me to cling to Jesus, the one who knows me and loves me still, and to write about the crazy and often times comical parts of learning what it truly means to follow Christ.

I am so blessed to get the chance to do a guest post today, here on Blissful and Domestic. Thank you Danielle for the opportunity!

Brace yourself, I am about to let you in on one of the Davis Family Fall favorites!  It's one that makes you want to snuggle up by the fire!
No, this is not orange coffee... this is Butternut Squash Soup. Delicious, creamy, buttery... Butternut Squash Soup. And yes, it's in a mug. Don't you eat soup out of mugs??

It is one of our family favorites for the fall/winter months. And because it's one of our favorites... I am going to share the recipe with you!

You will need:
1 Butternut Squash
2 Sticks Butter
2 Yellow or White Onions
2 (8 oz) Blocks of Cream Cheese
8 Chicken Bouillion Cubes
1/2 tsp Marjoram
1/4 tsp Red Pepper

1. Peel and dice squash into 1 inch cubes.

2. Saute onions in butter.

3. Add all ingredients except cream cheese into crock pot. Cover with water, cook on High for 4 hours.

4. One hour prior to serving blend with immersion blender (or blender, in small batches) until smooth. Stir in cream cheese, cover and simmer 1 hour.

(Just a quick side note: Immersion blenders are amazing! I have made this soup for years without one and blended it in small batches in my stand up blender. NOW I have an immersion blender and it is Ah-mazing. Seriously! A little "Zzzip zzzip" with the immersion blender and in less than a minute it's as smooth as can be. I'm telling you, if you don't have one, you need to add it to your Christmas wish list!)

Finally, serve in bread bowls! (or in a mug, if you don't have any bread bowls on hand...) My husband's favorite way to eat it is with some garlic bread for dipping. Yum.

Oh! A little sneaky mommy side note:
This soup is tasty enough for the kiddos to eat but the last time I made it, my squash was HUGE. Like too big to fit into the crock pot kind of huge. So, I cooked what wouldn't fit in the crock pot separately and blended it in the blender. THEN I added it to the boys mac-n-cheese! They couldn't even tell it was in there! I felt sneaky, like the sneaky chef kind of sneaky. Mwuahahaha (that was my evil laugh, in case you were wondering)

I hope you will try the soup! I promise, you will love it if you do!

Grace and Peace to you,


  1. What a fun post! Even though it was a recipe it helped me feel like I made a new friend too :). Fun!


  2. i can testify that this is AMAZING soup. especially when it's made by the author of this blog post. yum yum yum.


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