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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas ABC's: A Preschool Christmas Countdown


Forever and a day ago my kids were preschoolers. That is seriously my favorite age! I love looking back, thinking of the fun holidays countdowns we did each year. We focused on the ABC's then and would do a craft, make a treat, read a book, watch a movie, etc each day. We celebrated the ABC's all month long. I wanted to share our preschool list, so all those preschool Moms out there would have a countdown for their littles. I have linked to old posts telling what we did. Some of these posts are three years or more old, so the picture quality is pretty poor, but I think you will get the gist of all the activities. If anything, look back at all the old posts and shed a tear with me, since my littles are not so little anymore. I miss those little legs and chubby cheeks.

Enjoy the ABC's of Christmas with your Preschooler this season.


 A is for Angel
Talk about the angel Gabrielle and make paper plate angels
Read God Gave Us Christmas

B is for the bells.
Sing some fun songs like Jingle Bells and Christmas Bells. Make some fun jingle bell necklaces.


C is for Christmas Candles. 
Talk about God's light and decorate candle holders.
Go on a Christ Scavenger hunt.

D is for decorating. 
Decorate Christmas cookies and learn about different holidays. Make a decoration to go along with that holiday.


E is for Elf.
 Watch the movie Elf and make paper snowflakes

F is for fruit cake. 
Bake some fruit cake and try it with your littles

G is for garland or gingerbread houses. 
Make some popcorn and cereal garland for your tree
or make some festive/yummy ginger bread houses

gingerbread houses 2009
gingerbread houses 2010
gingerbread houses 2011


H is for Ho! Ho! Ho! 
Make a Santa Craft. Like this one or this one.


I is for Icicle. 
Make some pretty decorations for your home like these glitter icicles. Make and hang in your windows.


J is for Jesus. 
Make birthday cards for Jesus.

K is for Kris Kringle.
Make Santa Pancakes, talk about all of Santa's names, write letters to Santa, and make hand print Santa's.


L is for lights. 
Practice patterns with lights and then hang some lights at home.
You can also do the craft above.


M is for Manger.
Do some mitten word matching and make this craft.

N is for Noel.
Learn a new Christmas song and play a game as a family.


O is for ornaments. 
Make some super cute peppermint ornament frames for the tree.

P is for Polar Express. 
Have a Polar Express movie night, with hot chocolate and pajama fun. Invite some friends and have a blast. You can also read The Pine Tree Parable


Q is for Quiet Night. 
Take some quite time to read Christmas books and talk about the savior.

R is for Rudolph. 
I want to make this fun reindeer craft and play Pin the nose on Rudolph.

S is for Snowman or Santa
Make snowman fingerprint art and play with some shaving cream. Have your littles pretend it is snow. You can also make some snowmen soup and share it with your friends.

T is for Christmas Tree.
Make soda bottle Christmas Tree's.

U is for under the tree. 
Practice wrapping presents and sing some fun Christmas songs.

V is for visitors. 
Talk about the visitors Christ received, when he was born.
 Go and deliver Christmas goodies to some friends.

W is for Wreaths. 
Make some fun Christmas wreaths

X is for X's and O's.
Send some fun Christmas cards to your loved ones.

Y is for Yule log. 
You can find a recipe to make one HERE

Z is for zzzzzz. 
Do this one on Christmas Eve. Read The Night Before Christmas and the Christmas Story. Then send your littles off for some much needed to sleep.

Then it is Christmas and your countdown is finished. I love this countdown for preschoolers. It is a great way to have fun and teach them at the same time. What fun activities are you doing with your preschooler this season?

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  1. Great ideas! I've pinned this to share it with others. I know my son will have a blast with these activities. Thank you.

  2. Brilliant idea! I have a 1 and 4 year old and we are starting new holiday traditions with them. This is perfect. Visiting from TALU!


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