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Thursday, November 15, 2012

DIY Thankful Jar

Hello everyone! I am SO honored to be a guest blogger here today!! It was only a few weeks ago when I was sitting on my bed reading through my email and I got to my Bloglovin' email (which is how I receive updates from Blissful & Domestic!!) and I saw that Danielle was looking for guest bloggers for this month! I had about dropped on the floor...well, not really...since I was already sitting on my bed, but I would have. This is truly one of my favorite blogs and I am thrilled to be writing here today!!!
Let me tell you three little things about myself so you can get to know me better before I get going on today's topic:
1. I am a Pinterest addict! No matter how hard I try my magic number seems to be 9,000+. I have sat for hours and deleted pins, and more pins, and more pins. One time I got it down to 8,000....and the next week it was back up to 9,000+ again. Grr. Lol. Oh well! Just means you'll have plenty to look through if/when you stop by later!
2. I love wearing skirts! This would have been weird if I had said this last summer, but I am saying it now and it is not odd at all! I truly do love skirts! I have a closet full of them. Yes, I am Pentecostal, but even if I wasn't I cannot imagine my closet without a bunch of different types of skirts in it!
3. I love Fall/Thanksgiving! This season is actually not my favorite (since Summer is my first favorite, followed by Christmas), but I do enjoy Thanksgiving so very much with all the family and food and decor! This year I made a Fall Bucket List and have worked quite hard at checking off those items!

Which brings us to our topic today: Item #22 on that list is: Start an "I'm Thankful Jar". I really have no clue where this idea came from. It probably has a lot to do with my being on Pinterest all the time and seeing all the cute things with mason jars, but I will say that this is such a fun project...and I haven't seen it anywhere before so I do believe it's safe to say it's my own original idea...I think. lol.
What We Are Making Today:
What You Need
 A mason jar, I picked a qt. size
A colored piece of paper (I picked green)
8 pieces of copy/white paper for the 'thankful notes'
Scissors or paper cutter (I have a marvelous paper cutter which I love!)
A sharpie or other decorative marker
Masking tape
A pen

1. Make sure your jar is clean! Mine was in the cabinet for only a few days so that was plenty clean for this purpose!

2. Cut the colored piece of paper to fit one side of your jar. For my quart size jar this was about 3x2 1/2 inches. Write the words "I'm Thankful" on one side of the paper. You may have noticed that I used a fun little paper punch on each of the corners...if you have one of those feel free to use it! This project is totally customizable, which is the BEST part!

3. Next cut the piece of white paper into little squares so that people/family can write what they are thankful for to stick in the jar. My squares were 3x3 inches, or about that. I wasn't worried about perfection.

4. It is up to you whether you want to write "I am thankful for..." on each little paper, but I wrote that on at least one and left it as a hint so that everyone knew what the jar and papers were for!

5. Set the jar in an easy to access area and then explain to everyone what the purpose of the jar is. I chose to do this at dinner time when everyone was gathered together. I told them that I had created this jar as a way for us to write down things we were thankful for throughout the month and then, on Thanksgiving Day we could open all the notes and read through them together as a family.

I have really enjoyed writing for you all today! I hope you have enjoyed this super easy tutorial and will consider doing this or something similar with your family this year! I really do think that so many people take for granted what they have and that we should be more grateful. This is a great thing for families because it gives you a perfect opportunity to teach your children about gratefulness and thankfulness all at the same time!

I am leaving you for now, but I will be back again soon as Danielle has graciously offered me the opportunity to guest blog again!!! So I will be sharing with you a long standing Thanksgiving morning family tradition my mom has done since I was a little girl!

Thank you for listening to me chatter!

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity Danielle!!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  2. Thanks for reminding me to make one for my daughter!! I made her a wish jar a few years ago and it's full, not sure if they all came true.....

    1. You're welcome!! You should find her jar and read though the wishes with her add see how they turned out! :)

      Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  3. I just wanted to pop back over here and let anyone who might happen upon this post at a later time know that I did write a follow up post on my blog with the notes of what we were most thankful for! You can find that here:

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog


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