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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lip to the Stick: Tips for Picking Your Best Fall Shade

Wow can you believe it's already November, that means the holidays are literally right around the corner! For this post I've been asked to do a little beauty tip. When it comes to beauty, I usually stick to my little routine but then I thought of the holidays and realized my brain went right to LIPSTICK!

Here are my lipstick personal line up, although they don't get out much.

Never Ending Nude
Hooked on Pink
 Berry Desirable that plump your lips
 Crushed Cranberry
Enduring Ruby
Well those are the lovely ladies and they are all by Maybelline. The Berry Desirable and the Crushed Cranberry are VERY similar except I really wanted to try the plumping effect and in my personal opinion it burns lol Anyway back to holidays and lipstick, lipstick can make any outfit holiday ready especially the bright reds. If you've never wore lipstick here are some standard rules 

*its all based on your skin tone, so if you have 

Fair Skin-stick to the pale pinks
Medium to Olive Skin-shades of apricot and beige's
Dark Skin-mauves and sheer reds

all skin tones can wear the berry shades

*Never have bold lips and bold eyes at the same time.

Well that's the beauty tip for the month, make sure to come check me out over here! Hope you guys all have a great Thanksgiving and I'll see you in December!

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  1. I love lipstick! :) Great advice

  2. I agree- the plumping stuff burns so bad every time!

    1. Sam
      The burning is kind of annoying huh? But guess if it's for beauty..okay I'll suffer lol!

      @ Fashions on the Fly


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