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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful Yarn Turkey

Hello friends of Danielle stopping in today, hope your week has been
amazing already! I have been participating in a thankful project I'm hosting
on my blog and decided to share something in regards to that with you today..
The ArtsyGirl Connection
Are you up for 10 simple challenges to share your gratitude
and thanks this month..? Join in.. You can read more on the
Thankful Challenge HERE!!
Today's project is to focus on giving thanks and appreciation to the things
that matter the most within our hearts in making US happy. Our Hobbies, our ease
time to be able to indulge in our natural loves and be thankful for the time and
gift of ....Crafting {For Me!} I am really happy and hope my feature reach you
warmly and add a loving touch of "Thanks, love and inspiration to your
season of giving thanks all around this month.."
I'm Thankful For.. {Frugal Crafts}
...........Kiddie Yarn Turkey
*Artsy Items Needed*
Yarn{Brown & light brown}
{For my dark brown ~I found yarn with speckles of color} 
1 9inch & 1 4inch Polystyrene Balls
Wooden Craft Sticks{Wood Skewers}
Assorted Colorful Craft Paper
Felt {wattle & yellow triangles for beaks}
Eyes - Plastic Eyes From Michael's
*How To*
Grab the kids & have some fun!!
To begin, cut a 1-inch sliver off the bottom of a 9-inch polystyrene ball. This 
will allow your turkey to stand flat. Carefully wrap up the sphere neatly in thick 
dark-brown yarn, covering surface completely. {Be aware at all times to try to 
keep the bottom flat to enable your turkey to stand flat at the end}. 
Tie a knot on the bottom to secure it into place tightly. 
Create a 4-inch ball from your light-brown yarn. Once you ball is fully covered 
in yarn, take both yarn balls and carefully attach your light ball yarn to the 
dark one using a craft stick (I tried using a craft stick but actually prefer 
wood skewers much better). It was much easier to insert and I noticed 
could move the turkeys head around a bit more. Once your turkey is in 
place and both yarn ball's attached, it's time to give your turkey a face. 
Create fun facial features using felt. {Yellow and Red Felt}
Trinkets Needed For Facial Parts Of Turkey
Glue on your eyes where you want to the light brown yarn ball.
Cut out yellow triangles for the beak, and long red felt teardrops as the wattle
and glue them on to add to the turkey's facial features. . Cut out your feather 
shapes from colored craft paper and bend in half lengthwise to create seam. Take a 
moment with the little ones and write out some fun things close to your heart that 
you are thankful for this year. Carefully glue wooden craft stick to the bottom 
third of your thankful feathers and insert in a fan shape on turkey body. I 
found some fall stickers at Michael's that I added to the mix (Scarecrow head, 
leaves & fall cut outs.). It really jazzed up my feathers and brought an all around 
fall feel to the turkey. I added some yellow felt buttons to give my turkey a 
a fancy little look and a touch of color to the brown. Turned out really cute.
The kids had a wonderful time writing out their notes of thanks!! 
I got some thankful for loving parents, thankful for candy, & uuum thankful
for awesome video games!!! LOL.. What are you thankful for...???...Insert all 
your lovely notes of thanks all throughout the season of Thanksgiving.. 
I even added one for a few fun bloggy friends around.. Did you notice..? 
Take a peak.. : )) YES - I'm thankful for YOU!!
 I am sharing my thankful turkey with my friends and family this thanksgiving.
I placed it in the welcome hallway we have, along with a pen and some 
more cut outs for everyone to have a moment to share a thankful message 
with us as they come along and visit throughout the season. I can't 
wait to sit, reflect and read all the amazing thankful notes 
left at the end of November..Super Excited...

How are you showing thanks and appreciation throughout the month of
thanksgiving this year..? Care to share with me..? There's a linky HERE
to allow for you to please showcase all your lovely thanksgiving crafts
you have created this month all month long.. Can't wait to see.. Please 
take a moment to stop in and visit all the amazing blogs sharing some 
awesome projects in various ways to give thanks throughout 
the month.. Stop in, grab a button, spread the word.. 
I Am VERY Thankful For YOU.. Thank You~!
Wishing you a beautiful and amazing month of November...

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