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Saturday, December 8, 2012

DIY Candle Jars

Hey everyone! My name is Nikki and I blog at Glitter and Grease! My blog is fairly new, but I've had a Youtube channel for almost two years now. My blog and my channel contain much of the same content. It's mostly beauty and fashion related, but I also talk about things I love like Hollywood gossip *shame face,* movies, and finding good deals!

I'm someone who is always looking for ways to save money, reuse items, get the most bang for my get the idea. I've been a candle burner for many years and I always felt wasteful throwing away the jars once the candle had run its course. I didn't like throwing away perfectly good glass jars, so I decided to find ways to clean out the jars and reuse them. Check it out below!

For this Slatkin and Co. candle I burned the wax as far as I could, blew out the flame and quickly removed the three wicks with pliers. Slatkin and Co. glues their wicks to the bottom of the jar -- it's easier to remove the wicks now while the glue is loose from the heat.

I put the candle in the freezer over night. This shrinks the wax down a little  and makes it easy to crack. Take a knife and work it into the middle of the frozen wax until it cracks. From there you can keep cracking until the wax comes out. This candle came out in four pieces. Remove the stickers, wash and dry the jar and you're done!

Here's how I use my old candle jars: 

As you can see, I use my jars for some of my beauty products, but there are a lot of things you could use these for during the holiday season! Candles come in so many different sized jars, the possibilities are endless!

Holiday Ideas
*I've bought small pillar candles like these from Walmart 
and burned them inside the jars.
*These jars are perfect for holding potpourri!
*Small Christmas ornaments will fit perfectly into these jars.
*You can fill the jars with different holiday candies or peppermints.
*If you have kids, this would be a great chance for them to paint the jars with snowflakes, turkeys, Christmas trees etc and use them in their rooms!

The holidays are always an expensive time. I hope this D.I.Y. helps you save a little money this time of year, and really all year round! 


My blog is fairly new, but it includes a little bit of something for everyone! Fashion, beauty, bargains -- you name it, it's probably there or will be there soon!

I've had my YouTube channel for almost two years and it also has a little something for everyone. Beauty, tutorials, Hollywood gossip,'s all there!

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  1. Love it! Great idea. I was wanting to make candles for people this year and can just use old jars to make new ones. Guess I better go burn some old candles down to the bottom :)

    1. Thank you! I've reused so many glass jars over the years. I just hate the thought the tossing a bunch of glass jars. Plus some candles are so expensive, I'm saving the jar gosh darn it! :) Good luck with your candle making!

  2. very cool idea!

  3. OMG that is such a wonderful idea!. I am always putting my jars in the recycling when they are empty, never thought to reuse them and use window clings! double score!

    1. I know! Once I discovered this little trick I went a little crazy with it hahaha. I save every single jar now!


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