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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thrifty Refashions: Lace Trimmed Cardigan


Don't you love it when you actually get everything checked off your to do list? Sometimes I even add stuff just so I can check it off. I know I am a tad weird, but the sense of accomplishment as I make that check mark is just too much fun! This weekend I got everything done on my sewing check list. It was awesome. The kids played with Dad,while Mom got some one on one time with her sewing machine. This rarely happens, but I love it when it does.

Last year I didn't have a chance to re-purpose as much as I would have liked. I am seriously changing that this time around. This year, as part of my grow experience, I will be sharing more of my re-fashionable journey with you.  This year I will be shopping on budget, as always, and am going to share my journey with you all.
I recently received some beautiful lace from the ever fabulous
I love lace. It is just an instant classy addition to any piece of clothing. I had a peach cardigan, which had seen some better days. I think I have had this cardigan since, high school. I know right! Crazy old! It still was in good condition ad I didn't want to throw it out. I did however want to give it some new life. I grabbed my sewing machine, pins and thread, and of course some floral lace trim. This was one of those perfect 20 minute or less projects.

Perfect for when the kids are having computer time.



I pinned my lace onto my cardigan, making sure it was pinned on straight, and got to sewing. I folded the edges over, near the buttons, so all my raw edges were covered. I love adding lace because it takes very little work to spruce up something old into something beautiful.



{Fashion Budget Breakdown}

Peach Cardigan - free (from my own closet)

Total Refashion Cost- $3.99

I think that is pretty dang good!
Have a fabulous evening lovelies. I am off to my nieces birthday party. 
Pizza, cake, and balloons here we come. Six year olds birthdays rock! gave me this wonderful lace to create this refashion.
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  1. Wow!! I cannot believe what a difference a little bit of lace made! That turned out so darling, I am excited to see what other things you repurpose!!

    1. Thanks so much Tonii. I love refashioning and am excited to share more projects this year:>

  2. This turned out really pretty!

  3. Love what you did with this sweater! What a great idea! =)

  4. This is a really nice addition. It makes the cardigan look much better

  5. I love this! It's simple and soo cute. Perfect for the weekend or even to wear to work! You have inspired my family and I so much with all your posts. I first found you from Yahoo news and had to add you to our favorites bar :) We are a family of 5, with one income (mine) and my husband homeschools our 3 boys. Thank you for all the encouragement, ideas, and time that you give us!


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