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Saturday, February 2, 2013

DIY Wired Heart Necklace

Hey Blissful and Domestic readers, it is great to be back. I'm Alex from Happy, Healthy, and Domestic!  Today I'm sharing a simple Valentine's Day craft.

To tell the truth I’m not much for Valentine’s Day. For one, my birthday is a little before Valentine’s Day and without fail I always get something pink or with hearts. I’m not a pink kinda girl. haha.
So anyway, I don’t normally decorate or do anything special for the day. But I was in the mood to make something so I decided to make a necklace. Kinda like the Mother’s Day necklace I made last year.


All you need is wire and a couple beads.

I cut off a little bit of wire and formed it into a heart.

I took another length of wire and wrapped it in and out and around the heart form and included the beads.


I finished it off with a loop and a chain.


I also tried another method of just wrapping the wire in a heart shape without weaving in and out. Then like the bird’s nest I wrapped it around a couple times.


Either way it makes an easy and cute accessory for your hot date night or a great gift for someone you love! Have a great Valentine's Day!

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  1. Really cute and easy! When is your bday, I'm an almost Valentine baby too, Feb 12!

  2. Very pretty. I am also not one for Valentine's day, but I like you following your creative spark despite how you feel about the holiday.

    I also don't like pink either, so it really is amazing to me that my 4 year old daughter, in her purple and green room, with a mom that grabs anything non pink when she is out buying clothes for her, still LOVES PINK! And I can't do anything about that.

  3. I like the first and the second pendant with beads.


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