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Monday, February 25, 2013

Menu Plan # 7 with Printable Recipes

Happy Monday Lovelies! Well it has been quite an exciting weekend. , from The Huffington Post wrote an article about Blissful and Domestic! I am was so excited. She was super sweet to work with and wrote a wonderful article. Check it out HERE. I am very thankful that my little piece of blog land is getting out there and helping people. Knowing that my meal plans, recipes, and tips are helping people, is such an amazing blessing to me. It gives me the motivation I need everyday to continue typing up all the goodness that goes on in this brain of mine. It reminds me of why Once Upon a Time I started this blog. Thank you for reading each day and leaving me sweet words. I will never be able to thank you all enough, but I will never stop trying...from the bottom of my heart, thank you! thank you! thank you! I always appreciate you!

Now that my thanks for the day have been expressed...who's ready for a new weekly meal plan. This week I am changing it up a bit. I have been talking with that sweet hubby of mine (he is the best) and we have come up with some amazing ideas for Blissful and Domestic. It will take me some time to work through all the plans I have developing in my noggin, but I am slowly but surely trying. The first change is adding pictures to the meal plans. We will be adding pictures and I am also going to be including breakfast and lunch recipes. Many of you asked for them, so I thought I should deliver on that.

You will also find the recipes in a printable file. I will not be adding a shopping list, since it is very hard to judge what is appropriate for each family. I do encourage you to make lists ALWAYS before shopping. Check your pantry first and always try to choose the healthiest option for your family.

Alright now onto this weeks meal plan.....for those of you that follow me on instagram, you probably noticed all the baking I did this past weekend. Side note: I post weekly recipes and thrifty living tips via instagram, so be sure to follow me so you don't miss out on any thrifty fun! (blissful_and_domestic) I was preparing for the week using the recipes below. We will be eating this same menu this week.

So get to planning and have a fabulous week!

 photo weeklymenubanner.png

 photo menuplan7Collage_zps7e3e0210.jpg
B-Sweet Potato Bread + Fruit
L- Cappellini Soup
D- Baked Burritos with rice and veggies

B- Waffles with fruit
L- leftover soup from Monday
D- new recipe night :)

 photo menu7Collage2_zps3afe5230.jpg

B- Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls
L- leftovers

 photo menu7Collage3_zps067513bf.jpg

B- Toast + Fruit
L- Pizza + veggies
D- Sweet and Sour Chicken 
+ fried rice

B- Berry Muffins with yogurt
L- Butter noodles with veggies
D- Broken Lasagna with zucchini tomato sauce

B-cereal + fruit

 photo menuplan7Collage4_zps88213602.jpg
B- Pancakes with Blackberry Syrup
L-Egg Salad Sandwiches with fruit
D-Linguine with picante sauce and veggies
+ whole wheat bread sticks

Print Your Menu HERE

 photo recipesbanner.jpg

This weeks recipes can be printed HERE

 photo thriftytipsandtricksbanner.jpg

This week I am sharing a few quick bread and muffin recipes. All of these freeze great! Pick a day, bake up a storm, and then freeze your goodies. Then you will have home baked goodness all month long:)

XO Danielle

This week's Blissful Exchange via Blissful and Domestic Facebook Page is

"What is your favorite "potato" recipe?"

How do you cook, season, eat your potatoes? I have 30lbs of potatoes and need some ideas:> Share your recipes,tips, and tricks.
Come give your 2 cents on the Blissful and Domestic Facebook Page.


  1. Awesome about the article....saw it this morning on Pinterest! Still can't imagine how your family does it, but great job.
    I am no longer on FB, but will email our family's favorite potato recipes.

  2. I couldn't get you recipes to open

  3. I love this post idea! My husband is lucky if he get one home cooked meal a week. We are just so busy, sandwiches are our best friend. haha. xx. McKenna Lou

  4. Where's the protein? I see loads of carbs, but little to no protein, especially at breakfast (I'm vegetarian, but I get protein at breakfast).

    1. We get plenty of protein throughout our day. I add bran, flaxseed, and nutritional yeast to our breakfasts. We get protein that way;)

    2. I totally agree, Anonymous! I see mostly carbs and fat with a small amount of veggies and fruit added in. Danielle, maybe you could post some healthier or lighter meal options.

    3. I would question the amount of protein too if it weren't for the fact that I raised 5 kids on a diet pretty much like Danielle's (except we completely avoided white rice and foods make with refined flour and were vegetarian). They have been amazingly healthy-- no colds for years and years, practically no illnesses at all.

  5. Hey Danielle! I have a question! Does your "$14,000 a year" exclude retirement savings and college funds? Thanks. If it's too personal, you don't have to answer :)

    1. And I think it's really funny we both planned sweet and sour chicken/fried rice and egg salad sandwiches this week! We think alike!

  6. I was wondering what you are going to will your eggplant we got in the baskets this week. I have never tried or cooked one. wondering what to do with it.

    1. I didn't get one this week. Our location didn't receive any:< Hopefully this week I will get some and will be able to try out something new and fun:>

    2. Eggplant Parmesan is what I would make. You can easily find a recipe online. It's easy to make and delicious.

    3. Slice your eggplant into thick slices. Put a little mayo on one side of each slice then sprinkle bread crumbs and parmesan cheese on top of the mayo. Lightly grease a grill and put the eggplant on the grill for a few mins. Cook on low heat. You can also cook this in the oven. My family just grills out a lot even when it's 20 below out. You can also do this with chicken. I just pair the eggplant with cottage cheese or applesauce for a side. Its quick and easy.

  7. Hi! This is my first time reading your blog and I am amazed. I also make a lot of what we eat from scratch; my own bread, yogurt, snacks and baked goods. I buy berries in season and freeze them. I shop at Sam's Club for a lot of our staples (like Costco). I still spend close to $600/month on groceries. I notice the syrup in your oatmeal picture is pure and from Target - two points for more expensive - that confuses me a bit. I also wonder how you afford your own domain name? I apparently have a lot to learn and I look forward to reading the books you suggest. Thanks for all the good info.

    1. I'm guessing Danielle makes enough from the ads associated with the blog which easily pay for the domain name. With the exposure this week, her revenues should really increase. A smart way to make money if you have something interesting to say, as Danielle seems to.

  8. I got some blueberries in my fruit basket, so here come the blueberry muffins tonight! :)
    Congrats for the aritcle!

    1. Just made the muffins, they were amazing! My boyfriend and I finished 3 out of 6 within fist hour. I packed 2 more in his lunchbox for tomorrow :)

  9. Greetings!

    Found your blog via the Huffington Post article -- congrats on your amazing life! I'm in awe of your accomplishment. I found myself reading your back story with rapt attention. Your dedication is truly amazing. As a single person - it kills me each month how much money I waste. I should be able to save so much - but, because of laziness (truth)I work my way down to the bottom of my bank account each month. To be more like you & your family is such a challenge. Thanks for all the passion & amazing advice. I'm eager to bring some of those same tips into my world.

    I will be back to your blog - without a doubt!
    Lifestylefiles Blog

  10. I just saw the article on yahoo and subscribed to your blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I couldn't have found it in better timing. My husband and I will soon be living on our GI Bills while we attend college so to read all of this, how your family does it, is so encouraging and informative. Thank you!


  11. I just found your blog through your Yahoo Business featured article. I just had to come on over and stop by. I work part time cleaning homes and also have a design/craft business. I am responsible for the weekly grocery bill and have been getting killed at the check out each week. I have been looking for ways to save. I never buy brand names unless they are on sale but need to do more than that. I have subscribed to your blog.I am no stranger to being thrifty. I have always loved interior design and never have let the lack of money in my pocket keep me from doing what I love. I have a passion for redesigning thrift store, yard sale and flea market finds. My adorable home was done almost completely on revamped, econd hand finds or handmade items. Cheap is when you have alot of money but hoard it. Thrifty is when you have a small amount of money and stretch it creatively. I am proud to be thrifty.

  12. DANIELLE!!! Congrats on the Huffington post article--I saw it and was so happy for you---and NOW you are on the front of the page!!! You are rightfully a superstar--and by the way, still holding strong on my budget this year and it feels awesome!! You are so inspiring!!


  13. I just discovered your blog via yahoo--love it!!

    I recently posted my (current) favorite way to use potatoes--

  14. So thrilled to find you! Have to type this again as it disappeared the first time. I was hoping to ask you questions about getting rid of cable as I don't want TV OR use my home phone but the bill will actually go UP if I remove the phone. Can't believe it. If you would be so kind to email me ( with some thoughts/suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you!

    1. I also use Netflix in lieu of cable and our home phone is the amazing magic-jack as seen on tv. Its an awesome way to save money on what should be much cheaper than it is.

    2. That's what I saw that you wrote in your article but I have a whopping 7 TVs in my house. Can I get Netflix on each one? And I'm guessing you can only watch movies? I do (once in a blue moon) want to watch a little regular TV.

      Thank you!!!

    3. Be sure to see if your library loans DVDs. Ours loans DVDs of movies and TV shows and can get DVDs from other libraries for us if they don't have it. No charge. And of course has TV shows to watch online.

    4. But can I only watch Netflix on one TV? I have a number of TVs in my house. Is there any way to get "any" regular TV? A gal from my gym said she had an old fashioned antenna on top of the house and got a few channels. Is that what you have to do? I don't really want an ugly antenna, nor am I sure where to get one, then I'd have to hire someone to hook it up - and I don't really know what that entails.

    5. as long as you have some sort of device to be able to get online you can watch ti in other rooms. We use our play station to watch netflix.

    6. Teresa,

      Why do you have 7 TVs???? My best friend is a pediatrician and she advises all her patients to have at most 2. How do you talk to your family if you are all watching separate TVs? I haven't had cable in 8 years and don't really miss it. We use netflicks and internet. Wwe don't really need the phone either except that I like it for potential emergency situations and for the occasional fax. We have to have it to get internet.

    7. Teresa, Why do you have 7 TVs???? My best friend is a pediatrician and advises her patients to have 2 at the most. How do you find time to talk to your family members if you are all watching separate TVs? I haven't had cable in 8 years. We use netflicks and internet and we have an HDTV which gets PBS and a couple of the network stations with an antenna. We only have a phone in order to get DSL.

  15. Hello there! What I believe to be a great potato salad recipe is one that consists of: Potatoes, hard boiled eggs, celery, flat leaf parsley, bacon, ranch dressing, and salt and pepper to taste. I have tried several different kinds of ranch dressing (because of price) but the salad tastes best with Wishbone Ranch Dressing. Once all the ingredients have been combined, refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. Hope you try this and enjoy as much as my family does!

  16. Danielle,
    First Poo-Poo the naysayers and complainers! I am thankful that you are and were willing to share your personal financial details, personal opinions and wisdom with the world. Thank you for heeding the call on your life. I read the America's Cheapest Family book and yeah we went down to once a month shopping, refinanced our home, turned down our thermostat and put on more clothes to lower our heating bill. We haven't had cable for the last two years. I have made your pizza recipe several times. I need to look for a good bread machine so I can make more homemade bread. Thank you again and keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment. I appreciate it:>

  17. I found your blog (through Pinterest) last Friday and have LOVED reading your posts...and then this morning when I pulled up my Yahoo, there you were on my new feed. It was really cool reading the article and thinking, hey I "know" her! Congrats on the write up and thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge on living frugally!!

  18. I found your blog through Yahoo and can I just say how inspirational you and your family are?? I love all of your posts and hope my blog can one day be as influential as yours!!
    I'm your newest follower and excited to see your upcoming posts
    XO Courtney
    Follow me at

  19. Potatoes:
    When I boil potatoes, I put in more than I need, and then I scoop out what I want for the meal, scoop out some of the potato water for making bread (substitute in place of plain water--from what I hear, yeast LOVES the starch from potatoes), and mash up the rest of the potatoes and water for making potato soup. I usually turn it into loaded baked potato soup with crumbled bacon, cheese, green onion, and topped with a dollop of sour cream (or greek yogurt at our house).

    We also like oven roasted potatoes, sometimes in chunks or sometimes in strips, like oven fries. After I cut them up, I soak them in ice cold water, then drain and pat dry. Then I toss them with olive oil, spread on a rimmed cookie sheet in a single layer, and liberally salt and pepper them before roasting at 425 for about 15-20 minutes, turning once. Leftovers are good as homefries (add into some sauteed green pepper and onion) as a breakfast side, or even inside an omelette. I also use leftovers in the bottom of my "egg cups": put potatoes in the bottom of each space of a muffin tin, top with a tiny bit of spinach or broccoli (I like to use leftovers) and a tiny bit of chopped ham or sausage (again, leftovers, or perhaps lunch-meat ham), and then pour on some beaten egg (you can add milk to stretch it). Bake at 350 until cooked through (I forget how long...). These are a great quick weekday breakfast to grab with some fruit.

    Of course scalloped potatoes are good with the basic cream sauce w/cheese and topped with more cheese and bread crumbs.

    Finally, Greek potatoes are a wonderful side dish that we all love. Cut your potatoes into chunks and add to an oven safe dish with one stick of melted butter mixed with the juice of one lemon & 1-2 tsp paprika. Bake uncovered at 350 for an hour, turning the potatoes every 15 minutes or so to ensure the potatoes are coated with the sauce. The sauce bakes into the potatoes, making a sort of crust over a nice soft inside. The sauce can be saved to use with vegetables, especially good with broccoli or asparagus. Mmm... I think I'll make this dish tonight.

  20. Congrats on the article! I admire the frugal life style and am inspired by your blog. Your ideas and tips are so informative and helpful. Must say I was surprised that some readers missed the main point and took the time to post negative comments criticizing some of minor details. I agree with Mocamomof4 and Poo-Poo the naysayers and complainers. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work!!!!

  21. My boyfriend and I can't wait to try the potato bean echiladas! Sounds delicious. :)

  22. Looked you up yesterday after reading about you on Yahoo. I am already spreading the word about you to friends.
    Thanks for stepping out and sharing with all of us.

  23. remember girl. haters gonna hate. let it roll of your back


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