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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Family Night: Camping at Lake Mead

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 This past weekend we were able to go camping at Lake Mead. It is still to cold to swim in the lake, but it was perfect for hiking and fishing. Hubby taught the littles to fish and start fires (the boy scout way), their Aunt taught them to skip rocks, and we went on a lot of hikes. We were all pretty exhausted when we made it back home, but it was a weekend well spent with family. Lake Mead was a fun place to camp at. It has a quiet camp ground, with bathrooms (a requirement for me when camping), and the water was within walking distance. It also only cost $10 a day to camp there, so it ended up being a pretty thrifty weekend. Those are my favorite :) What plans do you guys and gals have for the weekend?

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I also caught up on some reading this weekend and rearranged my pinterest boards:)

XO Danielle
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