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Friday, March 8, 2013

Family Night: Springs Preserve

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For our Family Fun Night, we ventured out to The Springs Preserve. We went with some of our best friends, who just happen to be our family too. We packed a picnic, applied our sunblock, and enjoyed the dessert landscape. The Springs Preserve is a local museum here in Las Vegas. There is a huge play area for kids, with things to climb on and a sand box to be played in. There are trails for hiking, bikes to ride, and amazing animals to see. Pretty much a kids dream. With the beautiful dessert backdrop, it was a perfect day spent as a family. What have you guys and gals done for family night this week?

XO Danielle


  1. I saw you on the Today Show today!!! How awesome! Congrats!

  2. I follow your blog & just saw you on NBC. Congratulations! Nice piece on your sweet family.

  3. I follow your blog & was surprised to just see you on NBC. Congratulations! Nice piece on your sweet family.

  4. omgosh! i just saw you on today website!! so happy for y'all! thanks so much for sharing so much of your life, it keeps me encouraged!

  5. Do you live in Las Vegas?! I live in Boulder City :) Looks like you had some fun family time!

  6. I just saw you on the today show! COngrats. You have inspired me the last few weeks :)

  7. I watched your story on the Today show! It's great to know you are doing this, it is helping me rethink my financial plan.

  8. Likewise, found you guys out on the Today show! Thank you for reaching out to Americans to show us all how living should be. Thank you for your great insight, well be flowing this blog more!

  9. WOW! Your "friends" look just like a couple friends of mine from just across the Hoover Dam that I grew up with in Arizona!

  10. We had fun with you guys, as usual!! Loves to you sister :)

  11. Hey Danielle! I'm already a follower, but just wanted to say that I saw you guys on the Today Show this morning! I love that you set an example about staying debt free and living within your means, and still hold on to everything that is important in life like spending quality time with your family. Thanks for being a great example for all of us!


  12. Just want to say your story is amazing! You are inspiring so many people. The company i work for is on a MISSION to make as many people DEBT FREE as possible, we even had Dave Ramsey's daughter Rachel come help us with way to do it!I just want to say congrats girl!!!!!

  13. I am a new follower to your blog and love all of your ideas. Today, I am trying the crock pot veggie soup you posted about earlier. Am also trying your green cleaning recipes! As for FHE, three of my four kids are grown up now but with just one teenager left at home, we still have FHE, but have to get more creative than ever. Last week, I baked cookies, then my 16-year-old son got to help choose which families from church we took cookie plates and notes of appreciation too. The best part for him was that he got to drive (a big thing since he recently got his permit). This outing you went on looks fun. I have a son who lives in the Las Vegas area. Thanks for all your ideas!

  14. Watched your story on the Today show this morning. Congratulations first off. I have had your pin on living on 14,000 a year in my Pinterest likes for a while now. When I saw your story this morning, I thought, "Hey, I pinned that story. I'll have to re-read it." And I did. : ) Second, thanks for sharing that simple living doesn't have to be unhappy living. Keep up the good work!


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