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Monday, March 18, 2013

Family Night: St. Patrick's Day Parade

 photo parade1_zpscf368c8c.jpg

 photo parade2_zps29004ad0.jpg

 photo parade3_zpsb699c4dc.jpg

 photo parade4_zps894d6472.jpg

 photo parade7_zps0b3119b9.jpg

 photo parade8_zps420b9c20.jpg

 photo parade6_zps6f12de10.jpg

 photo parade5_zpsd6d50ae0.jpg

We spent our weekend hanging out with family, soaking up rays of sunshine, and celebrating St. Patrick's Day in style....pretty much a stellar weekend :)

If you are looking for menu plans you can find them here. I am hoping to have new menu plans up and running for you lovelies after spring break. Keep your fingers crossed for me:)


  1. I miss those days when the kids were little! They sure did love a parade. You are doing it right, my dear. Peace to you.

    Melissa at Happiness With Less (I'm a new blogger!)

  2. That does look like fun! Too bad there were no parties in my town this weekend

  3. I just *love* a parade as a family event! It's free, it takes up a large chunk of a day, it gives us a chance to teach our kids about whatever the "event" is that caused the parade...and did I mention FREE?? *grin*

    It also gets us out in the community, which is SO important for kids!



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