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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Primary Talks......

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A month or so ago Miss Priss had the opportunity to give a talk in Primary. I love when my littles get to gives talks in Primary. It is the sweetest thing ever. It gives you a little glimpse into their sweet developing testimony. When preparing our children for a Primary talk, we always ask them to think about the topic given. This weeks focus was going to be on "being a missionary". Once Miss Priss had taken some time to think, I grabbed some paper and pen. I then asked her questions about the topic like....Who can be a missionary? What can we do to be a missionary? What should we tell people about the Gospel? Who are we acting like when we are a missionary? I then asked her to put her thoughts into a sentence and dictate back to me. I wrote these thoughts down and then her talk developed in to a beautiful testimony. I made sure she could read back what I wrote down and then we were done. It took about 10 minutes or so. She loved getting up on Sunday, knowing she was sharing her very own talk. It wasn't something I had created for her. It was her very own words. I love seeing my children grow in the Gospel. I am thankful for these sweet spirits I have been blessed with. I love sharing the story of Christ with them. I love teaching them everyday to recognize the sweet comforter of the Holy Ghost. I love these munchkins. They are absolutely for keeps.

Oh and in case you were curious about her talk, I shared it below. I wanted to make sure I journaled it on the blog here.

Being a Missionary
By Libby
November 2012

To be a missionary is to serve the Lord. Everyone can be a missionary because we are all important to God. He wants us to spread the Gospel. You can spread the Gospel by telling your friends about God. We act nice to our friends to show how Christ would act. The most important thing to share is that Jesus Christ is real and he died for everyone. I leave you with my testimony that I know my Savior lives and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.


Well said Freckles :) I love you!

XO Danielle
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