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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Salsa Egg Burritos

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After a long day of "mommy" chores and such, making dinner is sometimes the last thing I want to do. When I feel that my energy is spent, I turn to some breakfast classics for dinner. One of our favorites is Salsa Egg Burritos. They are easy to whip up in 10 minutes or less. Pair with a fruit salad and you have the making for a healthy, filling dinner for that family of yours. Quick and easy is always my favorite.

Salsa Egg Burritos

8 eggs
1 jar (12 oz) salsa
cheddar cheese, shredded
flour tortillas

Scramble eggs until cooked through in a skillet. Add salsa to frying pan and mix until salsa is heated. Spoon egg mixture into tortillas and top with cheese.

Print recipe HERE

* It is easier and cheaper to whip up a recipe like this,
 than to make a fast food run. Homemade is always better:)  
XO Danielle


  1. Your camping pictures are so nice...brings back memories when my kids were young. We love salsa with eggs on tortillas also! Especially when I was on a fat-free diet (my dr. made me do it) and had to eat those liquid helped disguise I'm back to the healthy whole-egg!

  2. This is what I love about eggs! You can do anything with them! We do something similar, we call it our breakfast bowl! We add scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, hash browns/diced potatoes and onion, peppers... {whatever I have on hand}. We eat it in burritos with salsa, over biscuits with gravy, or just how it is, any way ya want it! And I make extra to have as leftover for quick and easy breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks!

  3. this is awesome thanks so much!!!

  4. I've made these several times now, and each time I do, my children squeal with delight! :) They are fast, easy and delicious! Thank you once again for a beautifully simple yet brilliant idea!


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