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Friday, March 22, 2013

School Days....

 photo schooldays4_zps65da77f6.jpg

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I found these pictures from December. We were doing a winter unit. We studied all about snow and how animals live in winter. I pulled a lot of our activities from Stopping by the Woods on a Winter Evening. We kept it simple and just read a lot of books on animals, watched some documentaries, and did a lot of craft projects. This was a great section to wrap up 2012. I can't believe we are already three months into this New Year. These littles need to stop growing so fast! When I tell Miss Priss this, she just giggles and tells me she can't help it:) I guess I will just have to take more pictures:) Have a fun Friday lovelies!

XO Danielle


  1. Seems like your little guys stay quite busy with school. Enjoy these times with them. I used to love reading to (and with) my guys. They are quite grown now, but they are both BIG readers!


  2. I can't wait to have my own 'littles'! Yours look really cute. From who did they get the beautiful red hair?

  3. Cute. This reminded me of when I did a habitat unit with my 3rd graders and we did an experiment to show how polar bears are born with a fat layer to help them survive in their harsh, cold environment. Put Crisco in a big baggie, stick your hand in the middle of the closed bag and stick that in ice water. Can't feel the cool water at all. The kids thought it was so cool. Shoot, I thought it was cool :)

  4. Long distance cold water swimmers use Crisco/grease for the same reason.
    Our first was home schooled. She has a far stronger sense of values and self determination than the younger three.
    This was my first installment from Blissful And Domestic, Danielle. I hadn't any idea who or what this was ... who in the world is this person? I scare myself.
    My greatest interest is in the menus and recipes. I began long long ago with Diet For A Small Planet and Recipes For A Small Planet. I'm ba-ack.


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